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Afghanistan’s economy stands still: missing infrastructure, little work and only 10 percent of the population can read and write.

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People Go Hungry Despite Growing Economy

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Bolivia - A country on the upswing? But the indigenous population and smallholders cannot profit from the economic growth. Why?

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Burkina Faso

The west African state Burkina Faso is repeatedly shaken by unrest and revolts. Welthungerhilfe supports the population.

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Burundi is one of the world’s poorest countries. Welthungerhilfe supports the improvement of living conditions on site.

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Dispossessed of and displaced from their land, countless smallholders fall victim to landgrabs.

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Central African Republic

With political crises and violent conflicts, the Central African Republic descended into chaos, but there is still hope.

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Democratic Republic of Congo

DR Congo is one of the world’s poorest country despite its wealth of natural resources. Reasons are political instability and war.

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Famines threaten the country frequently. Welthungerhilfe help to ensure people’s food supply and prepare them for catastrophes.

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Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods – the island can hardly come to rest. A country with huge problems requires big solutions.

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Over 50 % of India's population lives in poverty, food and nutrition security is poor in rural areas. See, what Welthungerhilfe is doing.

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Millions of people in Iraq are still dependent on humanitarian assistance. Welthungerhilfe helps on site.

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