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Statement: The Brazilian G20 Presidency

New momentum to overcome hunger and poverty?

Statement: Agenda 2030 must not be sidelined

How can the German government use the High-Level Political Forum and the Summit of the Future to make progress on "SDG 2 - Zero Hunger"?

Social Media Policy

Welthungerhilfe encourages its Employees and Contributors to use social media to address issues related to Welthungerhilfe through their private…

Cover of Policy against conflicts of interest
Policy against conflicts of interests

The policy establishes rules of conduct to avoid conflicts of interest.

Cover of Policy against Sexual Violence
Policy against sexual violence

Sexual violence takes many forms and can affect anyone, although it is more common in situations where one person has power over another.…

Policy against corruption

Corruption is not a trivial offence: it is a very serious crime. For this reason, Welthungerhilfe follows a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of…

Cover of Anti-Terrorism-Policy

Welthungerhilfe renounces all forms of terrorism and will never knowingly support, tolerate or encourage terrorism or the activities of those who…

Cover of Data Protection Policy
Data Protection Policy

Welthungehilfe processes Personal Data in a variety of ways in order to successfully carry out its organizational purposes.

Welthungerhilfe Child Protection Policy

This policy has been developed to ensure the maximum protection of children and youth from abuse and exploitation.

Code of Conduct (English)

The Code of Conduct lays the foundation for our shared goal of a global fight against hunger and its causes. 

Code de Conduite (French)

Le code de conduite pose les bases de notre objectif commun, à savoir lutter contre la faim et ses diverses causes partout dans le monde.

SALM Training Materials

As part of the Global Summit on Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health, which takes place in Kenya from 7 to 9 May 2024, we are sharing training material…