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Our vision is a world in which all people have the opportunity to live a self-determined life in dignity and justice, free from hunger and poverty.

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A woman wearing a face mask is carrying her child on her back. Nairobi, 2021.
Wars, climate change, and the coronavirus lead to bitter setbacks in the fight against hunger

Welthungerhilfe Presents its 2020 Annual Report: Famines are on the increase.

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Ein Junge trägt Brot, Syrien 2019.
Record high: Hunger crisis worsens for civil war refugees

The new UN refugee figures have risen to sad record high: More than 82 million people around the world had to leave their homes.

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Ein Mann mit blauem Schutzhelm übergibt einer Frau mit schwarzem Shirt und weinrotem Rock vor einem Haus einen Pappkarton, in dem sich - so ist aufgedruckt - Hilfsgüter befinden. Eine Frau in rotem Kleid und mehrere Kinder stehen in einem Hauseingang im Hintergrund und schauen zu.
Volcanic eruption in Congo: Humanitarian situation is worsening

Hundreds of thousands fleeing Goma are left without food, water, and shelter. Welthungerhilfe provides 150,000 euros for immediate assistance.

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Vier gezeichnete Kinder.
No Chance for Corona

A comic, about how kids can help beat the coronavirus.

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Farmer with cow in Vietnam
Declining biodiversity threatens food security

Biodiversity loss make agriculture more vulnerable to climate change, pests and diseases. Nutrition is becoming more and more unbalanced.

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