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Fighting Hunger with Kenya’s Start-Ups

Project Status Ongoing
Main sector

In Kitui County in southeastern Kenya, it has barely rained in recent months. For three years now, the population of the region has been regularly confronted with severe drought and flooding. Crops are destroyed or fail completely as a result. Therefore, many small holders’ families are increasingly forced to skip entire meals altogether. What makes the situation even worse is that pest infestation has increased significantly in recent years. Rodents, diseases or insects destroy the fields and food - one of the many consequences of the global climate crisis. 

In the village of Kinakoni in Kitui, the situation of the approximately 5,000 people who live there is becoming increasingly threatening: there is a lack of water, food and income opportunities. The fields are dry as dust and the last harvest has failed. Many children are now showing clear symptoms of malnutrition and undernourishment.

Sharing ideas, scaling impact: Global Partnerships and Social Entrepreneurship to Benefit People Living in Poverty.

Innovative ideas against hunger wanted

Together with the village population and the STERN Foundation, Welthungerhilfe is looking for new solutions to eliminate the structural causes of hunger in the village of Kinakoni. To this end, we are cooperating closely with Nairobi's start-up scene. Together with local experts and the village community, we want to develop innovative solutions that contribute, for instance, to improving the income situation, school education and agricultural yields.

"The village of Kinakoni is representative of many villages in Kenya, where people are struggling with numerous crises at the same time: hunger and poverty are further worsened by the current drought, previous floods and plagues of locusts as consequences of climate change. But a lack of infrastructure and social safety nets, as well as poor education and health care, are also leaving families without any means of livelihood," says Kelvin Shingles, country director of Welthungerhilfe in Kenya.

The goal is that the newly developed approaches to fighting hunger can subsequently be used in other villages, regions and countries.

How the project helps in Kinakoni and the region

The project is implemented together with the STERN foundation.

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