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Endowments for a good cause

Creating a better future and helping in the long term - that is what drives our founders.

Organic cocoa cultivation in Peru
Organic cocoa cultivation in Peru © Karin Desmarowitz
Remi Jastram Team endowments & legacy giving

No matter whether you already have concrete ideas about a charitable foundation or are not yet sure: We support you in realising your very personal idea. Since 1998, we have been accompanying you on the way to your individual commitment.

The first question for anyone wanting to start a foundation or endowment is which legal form it should take. The simplest form is an endowment contribution, as it does not need to be recognised by the authorities. It is also cheap to create an endowment fund, which is legally the same as an endowment contribution but offers you more options.

In this way you can give your fund a name and determine a promotional purpose.

Otherwise you can opt to set up an endowment with a money-back guarantee. This is made possible by a donor loan: You can help in the long term without having to finally dispose of the donated amount.

However, most possibilities are offered by your own foundation. Here, too, it is important to choose the right form in detail. But don't worry, we will be happy to advise you.

Endowment contributions: the simplest way to give

An endowment contribution does not require official recognition and is the simplest form of foundation. If you would like to join us in a sustained effort to fight hunger, simply strengthen the assets of the Welthungerhilfe Foundation!

Endowment funds: “your own foundation” from 5,000 euros

From a legal point of view, the foundation fund is an endowment contribution and can be established within a few days. But it offers you more possibilities: You can determine the name and purpose of the foundation, and let the foundation fund grow by itself or with others.

Donor loans: a money-back guarantee from 10,000 euros

You can provide long-term support, without finally separating yourself from your assets, by granting the Welthungerhilfe Foundation an interest-free loan. This allows you to remain flexible: you can increase the loan, cancel it or convert it into an endowment.

Your own foundation: Anything is possible from 50,000 euros

Having your own foundation offers you the most flexibility. A trust foundation is often enough for a pure charitable foundation. If you have large assets or wish to organise your own projects, a foundation with legal capacity is recommended.

Are you convinced?

You can donate directly:

Stiftung Welthungerhilfe
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 1
53173 Bonn
Commerzbank Bonn
IBAN: DE91 3804 0007 0255 5555 00

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Are you interested in supporting the work of Welthungerhilfe with part of your assets in form of a foundation? Contact us and we will call you back at the time of your choice.

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