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Verschiedene regionale und Überregionale deutsche Tageszeitungen

Press Releases

Results of
COP27: Prioritising Africa and the Fight Against Hunger

Welthungerhilfe calls for the COP27 to give greater priority to food security with a special focus on African countries.

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Global Hunger Index: Hunger Crises Turn Into Catastrophes

Welthungerhilfe presents the 2022 Global Hunger Index. Progress in in the fight against hunger is being destroyed.

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Welthungerhilfe: Flood Victims in Pakistan Urgently Need Aid

Growing concern about hunger and disease for victims of floods in Pakistan.

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Global Hunger Grows After Six Months Of War in Ukraine

Long-term funding for food security more important than ever

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Press Statement On The Anniversary Of The Taliban's Takeover Of Power In Afghanistan

The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan has worsened radically since the Taliban came to power.

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Welthungerhilfe Presents Annual Report 2021

Climate crisis, Covid and conflicts lead to severe setbacks in hunger relief: war against Ukraine exacerbates situation.

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Press statement on the G7 summit in Elmau

Statement by Mathias Mogge, the secretary general and chief executive officer of Welthungerhilfe

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As G7 Ministers Meet, 40 Nonprofits Call for Stronger, More Far-Sighted Action on Food Security

The global hunger crisis is worsening. NGOs are calling on government leaders to put this issue at the top of the agenda.

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At G7 Summit The U.S. And Allies Must Tackle The Looming Global Hunger Crisis

Food security must be the top issue at the G7 summit. Climate change, wars and conflicts are depleting the reserves of more and more people.

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Afghanistan: “We Cannot Abandon People to Hunger!”

With an international donor conference coming up, Welthungerhilfe is warning of an escalation in the severe hunger crisis in Afghanistan.

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Special Meeting of G7 Agriculture Ministers

At the meeting of G7 agriculture ministers on March 11, 2022, the impact of the war in Ukraine on global food security will be analyzed and approaches…

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Joint I/NGO Statement On Humanitarian Protection And Access In Ukraine

Joint statement by national and international humanitarian organizations on Ukraine, including networks of which Welthungerhilfe is a member

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