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Verschiedene regionale und Überregionale deutsche Tageszeitungen

Press Releases

Results of
Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR): A Long Way from “Zero Hunger by 2030”

Welthungerhilfe Calls for Course Correction in Fight Against Hunger

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Niger: Access to basic social services and humanitarian assistance

Humanitarian NGOs suggest actions to preserve Nigerien people's access to basic social services and humanitarian assistance in new advocacy…

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NGOs warn further instability and sanctions could exacerbate humanitarian needs

Joint Press Statement of humanitarian NGOs on the sanctions and conflict with the existing vulnerabilities in Niger.

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Welthungerhilfe Welcomes Continuation of German Humanitarian Aid in Niger

"A Question of Survival”: Welthungerhilfe welcomes continuation of German Humanitarian Aid in Niger

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UNFSS+2: Taking stock 2 years after the UN Food Summit

Press Statement by Welthungerhilfe Secretary General Mathias Mogge on the occasion of the "UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment".

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Welthungerhilfe Presents Annual Report 2022

Hunger rates remain too high, facing immense challenges from war, conflict, price increases, and climate change

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Statement on the Sudan Pledging Conference 2023

A statement by Michael Gabriel on the occasion of the high-level pledging event to support the humanitarian response in Sudan on June 19.

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Sudan: Welthungerhilfe Prepares to Support Refugees

The humanitarian crisis in Sudan is growing. Welthungerhilfe is providing additional money for new emergency aid measures.

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Afghanistan: Welthungerhilfe Reaches People in Need

Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan: Welthungerhilfe resumes work in various parts of the country.

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NGO Statement: Protections to Enable Assistance in Sudan

A joint statement by members of the Sudan INGO Forum: NGOs call for protections to enable immediate humanitarian assistance in Sudan.

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Welthungerhilfe warns of humanitarian tragedy in Sudan

Welthungerhilfe Secretary General Mathias Mogge warns of a humanitarian tragedy and calls for humanitarian access to people in need.

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Syria: International Donors’ Conference in Brussels

Welthungerhilfe: “People in Syria and Türkiye need long-term and sustainable support”

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