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Results of
Sudan: Witness to the Forgotten War

War has been raging in Sudan for over a year. Millions are on the run – including Welthungerhilfe employee Salim Adam and his family. A personal…

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Sierra Leone: Better equipped for the future

Solutions to the problems of financial constraints, low-yield agriculture and malnutrition in northern Sierra Leone.

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A Bridge Against Hunger

In Liberia, Welthungerhilfe is working together with the population to improve their living conditions.

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DRC: Escalation of violence leads to hunger and displacement

Nine organisations are calling for swift action to alleviate the plight of millions of people in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

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12 Months of Conflict in Sudan

The ongoing conflict in Sudan deepens humanitarian crisis, forcing millions to abandon their homes and face hunger.

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"Now I dream of a better future"

Betty Gire fled from South Sudan to Uganda. An apprenticeship offer her new perspectives and a sense of community.

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Famine in Gaza: Welthungerhilfe Provides EUR 1 Million

Together with European partners, first aid operations have started

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Water Expert Harriet Agemo: "I want to make a difference"

Harriet Agemo has been working for Welthungerhilfe in Uganda for 11 years. She explains why she chose this job.

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Imminent famine in the Gaza Strip

Welthungerhilfe prepares distributions of urgently needed food in cooperation with international partners

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Haiti: Gang Violence, Hunger, and Displacement

Country Director Annalisa Lombardo speaks from beleaguered capital, Port-au-Prince, on escalating violence in Haiti.

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System strengthening: towards the sustainability of WASH

WHH Ethiopia and its partner HUNDEE are changing the way of WASH implementation by a systematic and holistic approach to sustainability.

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Ukraine: 42 civilians killed every day in two years of war

The Humanitarian NGO Platform in Ukraine is calling for the immediate protection of civilians. WHH is among the 51 NGO signatories.

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