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Ruanda 2014, Feldarbeiter auf den Reisfeldern.

Projects & Programmes

A sample of our projects worldwide

Results of
Daily meals for earthquake survivors in Türkiye

In two cities in Türkiye, women cook daily for thousands of survivors who fled there after the earthquakes.

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Better Beehives Improve Honey Harvest

Ejane Aba Fita is one farmer benefiting from greater honey harvests due to modern beehives in Ethiopia's Jimma zone.

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Support for children with disabilities

Life in Malawi's largest refugee camp is difficult – especially for children with disabilities. In the care center, they are supported.

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A Sustainable New Beginning: Solar Energy for Northern Iraq

Through the use of solar energy, returnees in northern Iraq now have a sustainable livelihood for a new beginning.

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New start for refugees in Istanbul

532,000 people from Syria live in Istanbul. One of them is Fatima. After a long journey, she has been working in a café for eight months.

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Knowledge and participation for young dairy farmers

In Kenya, women and young people are learning how to better market their dairy products – and thus secure food for their families.

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Better Seeds Bring Better Harvests

Despite fertile soils, food security for the people of the Ayeyarwady region is not assured due to the lack of good seeds.

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A job with a protection factor - for nature

Environmental protection and vocational training - a Welthungerhilfe project in Burundi protects the environment and creates prospects.

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A Healthy Diet for Mother and Child

In the Amhara region of Ethiopia, many children are chronically malnourished. Alemie has learned how to prevent her children from this.

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AgriShare: Shared tractor - increased yield

Through the AgriShare app, farmers can connect with each other to share resources and services.

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When waste becomes pride

A waste disposal system improves the hygiene situation of the people in one of the largest refugee camps in the world.

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Education builds businesses and the future

"Mama Chips" attended training on how to start a business – today she is the owner of two successful enterprises.

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