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42 current projects
11.3 m. € funding in 2022
626,000 people reached in 2022

Renowned for its diverse wildlife and savanna landscapes, the east African country of Kenya is a beloved holiday destination. It is home to the nomadic Maasai, who increasingly suffer from the effects of climate change. The intervals between droughts are becoming shorter and shorter, creating a scarcity of drinking water. The cattle herds, the primary source of both food and income, are dying from thirst, and the Maasai are going hungry.

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Knowledge and participation for young dairy farmers

In Kenya, women and young people are learning how to better market their dairy products - and thus secure food for their families.

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New Life in a Changing Climate

Nomads in Kenya are defying climate change by becoming sedentary farmers. Find out more.

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Drought Widows Fight for Survival

Many women in the region of Turkana have been left without support and are completely on their own. A project is offering them hope.

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Magazine 2022

The Welthungerhilfe Magazine 2022 in English with selected articles from the four German language issues of the past year.

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Education Report 2019

Knowledge is the basis for development. In numerous projects throughout the world, we ensure that people have access to education.

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Mid-term Evaluation Report 2019: Kenya (KEN 1134)

Strengthening resilience of agro-pastoralists and pastoralists in Kajiado and Narok Counties, Kenya

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