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refugees camp Nr. 5 in Suruc

Syria / Türkiye

12 current projects
22.2 m. € funding in 2022
648,000 people reached in 2022

+++ On February 6, 2023, several earthquakes shook the Turkish-Syrian border region. Media reported more than 56,000 dead and even more injured in both countries. The epicenter of the initial earthquake was in southeastern Türkiye near the border with northern Syria. The people still need support. We are on the ground in the affected regions in Türkiye and Syria and help people who have lost their belongings and livelihoods. +++ Syria's recent past is marked by oppression, violence and destruction. Since 1963, the country has been ruled autocratically. Demonstrations against the government in 2011 developed into a civil war, which continues to this day and has resulted in several hundred thousand deaths. About 6.6 million have fled abroad, most of them to neighboring countries. Another 7 million Syrians are displaced in their own country. According to UN estimates, 12 million Syrians are no longer able to secure enough food for themselves, which is more than half of the country's population. Welthungerhilfe and its partners support people in Syria, Türkiye and Lebanon. This work is coordinated by the office in Gaziantep, Türkiye.

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Selected projects

Earthquakes in Syria and Türkiye

Following the severe earthquakes in Türkiye, the number of victims continues to rise. People urgently need support.

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Daily meals for earthquake survivors in Türkiye

In two cities in Türkiye, women cook daily for thousands of survivors who fled there after the earthquakes.

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New start for refugees in Istanbul

532,000 people from Syria live in Istanbul. One of them is Fatima. After a long journey, she has been working in a café for 8 months.

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Hope for Home

In Syria, millions of refugees are persevering in inhumane refugee camps. Food and housing containers alleviate the most urgent need.

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Fact Sheet Syria, Turkey, Lebanon

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