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23 current projects
7.8 m. € funding in 2023
2,193,000 people reached in 2023

+++ Ongoing conflict in Sudan: Since the outbreak of fighting between the army and the paramilitary forces of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in April 2023, the number of deaths and injuries has risen steadily. In Khartoum and many other areas of the country, the economy has largely collapsed and people desperately need food, water, medicine and basic necessities. The energy supply is unstable, the prices of goods have risen dramatically and many stores are only open briefly daily. The water supply has been interrupted in many areas of the capital Khartoum. In total, over 9 million people are refugees in their own country. Others are seeking protection in neighboring countries such as the Central African Republic, Ethiopia or South Sudan. +++ Armed conflicts and social tensions between the government, rebels and ethnic groups have long been a burden on life in Sudan. The years of conflict in Darfur alone drove millions of people from their home regions. 24.8 million are dependent on humanitarian aid. The civil war in South Sudan, which flares up again and again, is also causing countless South Sudanese to seek refuge in Sudan. In this politically unstable situation, the state lacks the resources to provide essential services such as education, health or water supply. In addition, recurring droughts in the country's east make it difficult to supply the population with food and water.

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Go Fish

Droughts and deforestation marked the end for many herders in eastern Sudan. A Welthungerhilfe fishery project allowed them to start over.

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Magazine 2023

The Welthungerhilfe Magazine 2023 in English with selected articles from the four German language issues of the past year.

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Welthungerhilfe Sudan Country Programme

Our organization will shift its focus towards rehabilitation and resilience building for rural communities to fight hunger and attain food and…

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2012 evaluation sdn1079 sudan en
Mid-Term Evaluation: Sudan (2012)

SDN-1079: These evaluation shows how dramatically the population of Sudan is affected of war and drought. Find out more about how Welthungerhilfe…

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