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Drei junge Frauen in peruanischer Tracht bei der Gemeinschaftsarbeit


4 current projects*
0.51 m. € funding in 2021*
3,000 people reached in 2021*

Peru successfully advanced its economy. The former developing country progressed to a medium income level. This upturn can be attributed to factors including natural resource exploitation and an export-oriented agricultural industry. Indigenous communities and poor, rural families, however, are seeing little of the new-found wealth. They suffer from undernutrition and have no secure access to water, electricity or basic sanitation. Welthungerhilfe projects support them in claiming their land rights and improving their living conditions while protecting the environment. (*Total value of the transnational programmes in Bolivia and Peru.)

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Joining forces for healthy and sustainable food for all

Peru | 2021 – 2024 | Budget: € 1,500,000
Institutional donors: BMZ

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