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13.09.2022 | Blog

Working Towards Sustainable Food Systems in Peru and Bolivia

A systemic approach is essential for generating changes in our food systems.

Dokumentation der Arbeit der Organisation Puririsun (= "gehen, bewegen") Documentation of Puririsun organization activities (= walk, move)
A woman working in her vegetable garden in Ausaray, Peru. © Karin Desmarowitz
Susanna Daag Welthungerhilfe Peru/Bolivia Liaison Office

How can we make food systems more sustainable and ensure better access to healthy nutrition for everyone? This question was at the core of Welthungerhilfe's project "Advocacy for the human right to food and promotion of local sustainable food systems".

Together with partner organisations the project was implemented in La Paz, Bolivia and Huánuco, Peru in 2019 and 2021. This meant that most of the activities were carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequent lockdowns and restrictions in the two countries. Although this affected the planning and implementation, the pandemic also meled to increased awareness of the need to advocate for more local and sustainable food systems to ensure the right to food. As a consequence of the pandemic, the state of hunger in Peru went back to levels of six years previously and the need for short food circuits became more evident.

The project also led to a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the local food systems and the systemic approach both by the Welthungerhilfe office and its partners. We would like to present the most important lessons learned from the project.

Sustainable Food System – Key Points To Consider

What Is Agroecology?

Agroecology is the “ecology of the food system”. It has the objective of achieving sustainability by maintaining a balance between ecological responsibility, economic viability, and social justice. Learn more in the video.

The Global Food System

Learn more about food systems, what needs to change, and what Welthungerhlfe is doing to work towards a just and sustainable global food system.

Food systems

Our food system must be rebuilt from the ground up to be sustainable and equitable.

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