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Uganda Skill Up Projekt Uganda Skill Up Project


25 current projects
8.07 m. € funding in 2021
181,000 people reached in 2021

The recent history of the East African Republic of Uganda is marked by conflicts such as the civil war against the Lord's Resistance Army, infamous because of its leader, Joseph Kony. During the war, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives. Extreme drought and crop failures are adding to the strain as well. In spite of everything, Uganda is still accepting refugees from neighbouring countries and has exemplary asylum policies. More than one million people have already found refuge in Uganda, with about three-quarters of this number coming from its northern neighbour of South Sudan.

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Selected projects

“Ecopreneurs” for a sustainable future

The "Green Colleges" are giving 1,500 young people in Uganda a future in sustainable professions.

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AgriShare: Shared tractor - increased yield

Through the AgriShare app, farmers can connect with each other to share resources and services.

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More projects in Uganda

Supporting Refugees and Providing Relief to Host Communities

Uganda | 2020 – 2023 | Budget: € 2,000,000
Institutional donors: BMZ

Customised Support for Refugees and Locals

Uganda | 2019 – 2023 | Budget: € 3,191,770
Institutional donors: EU

Small Menstrual Cups With a Big Impact

Uganda | 2018 – 2023 | Budget: € 338,702

Social Enterprises Create a Win-Win Situation

Uganda | 2022 – 2023 | Budget: € 486,794
Institutional donors: BMZ

Towards a Safe and Secure Water Supply

Uganda | 2022 – 2024 | Budget: € 1,500,000
Institutional donors: BMZ

Digital Skills to Revolutionise the Landscape

Uganda | 2021 – 2024 | Budget: € 366,073
Institutional donors: BMZ

Protecting and Empowering Women

Uganda | 2021 – 2024 | Budget: € 1,684,150
Institutional donors: BMZ

Defeating the Baby-Killer

Uganda | 2021 – 2023 | Budget: € 701,295

Defying the Droughts

Uganda | 2022 – 2025 | Budget: € 1,199,654
Institutional donors: BMZ

News from Uganda

Publications about Uganda

Water Report 2019

Clean water, sanitation facilities, and good hygiene are essential for survival. In numerous projects throughout the world, we ensure access for…

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2013 evaluation uga1035 uganda en
Final Evaluation Report 2013: Uganda

Uganda is in Karamoja most vulnerable. It is a semi-arid region with only one cropping season per year. Welthungerhilfe is supporting the people in…

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2012 evaluation uga1032 uganda en
Final Evaluation: North Uganda (2012)

UGA-1032: A better income, clean water and an economic growth: This project resumes the existing success of the projects in the Lango Region.

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