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North Korea

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Internal events in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are largely a mystery to the rest of the world. The country’s government is very authoritarian and strongly isolated internationally, both from without and within. A weak economy and regular extreme weather events have led to hunger and food crises in the past. Food production is threatened by flooding and extreme drought. Welthungerhilfe has been working in the Communist country since 1996. It is the only German NGO with an office in the capital city of Pyongyang. *Due to the COVID-19 requirements of the North Korean government, it was not possible to continue our projects there in 2022. In order to resume our work as soon as it is possible, we are maintaining our office in the capital, so administrative costs were incurred in 2022.

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Good Prospects for Little Sprouts

Climate change further aggravates the tense food situation in North Korea. Projects for better seeds give hope.

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