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Eine Frau mit Mundschutz und mehrere Kinder sitzen auf einer Decke auf dem Boden.
At G7 Summit The U.S. And Allies Must Tackle The Looming Global Hunger Crisis

Food security must be the top issue at the G7 summit. Climate change, wars and conflicts are depleting the reserves of more and more people.

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Eine Hütte inmitten von Steinen, Äthiopien 20.
Ethiopia: Chaos Beyond Imagination

The program coordinator of our partner organization APDA talks about the unique challenges during the conflict in the north of Ethiopia.

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Ein Viehhirte führt seine Herde über ein Feld, Äthiopien 2020.
Hope for the old life

Our colleague Fasika traveled to the Afar region in Ethiopia. There she met two women who told her about their refugee experiences.

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Welthungehilfe-Mitarbeiter Yohannes Belay beim Projektbesuch, Äthiopien 2020.
"I am proud to work for Welthungerhilfe"

Welthungerhilfe has been working for a world without hunger for 60 years. Some of our employees introduce themselves and their work.

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Ein Kind steht auf einer großen Wiese vor einem Haus, Peru 2022.
The Right to Food and to a Future

The capital of biodiversity is threatened by deforestation and climate change. A new project aims to support the indigenous population.

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A tent surrounded by water, 2021.
Winter in Syrian refugee camps

Rain and winter weather turn many refugee camps into mud deserts.