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Refugees queuing at distribution of clothing vouchers in Idlib (Syria)
€ 100,000 in Emergency Aid for Refugees in Syria

Roughly 235,000 people have fled after new attacks in northern Syria in the past two weeks. Welthungerhilfe is providing 100,000 euros in emergency...

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A woman with her child in a refugee camp in South Sudan. The majority of the refugees flee within their own country or to neighbouring countries.
Global Refugee Forum in Geneva

Welthungerhilfe expects the participants at the first Global Refugee Forum to ensure that host countries will get better support.

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Eine Frau bei der Karottenernte in Haiti.
Climate Change, Corruption and Unrest are Causing Increased Hunger in Haiti

35 percent of the population in Haiti are heavily dependent on food aid.

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Blaue Zeltunterkünfte im Flüchtlingscamp Mudjipela in der Provinz Ituri, DR Kongo.
DR Congo: Hundreds of Thousands in Desperate Need

People who have fled their homes in the Ituri province of the DR Congo are in desperate need of food, water, shelter and medicines.

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A Malawian farmer standing in his flooded field, looking at the camera.
GHI 2019: Climate Change is Exacerbating Hunger

The GHI 2019 shows that climate change is worsening the nutrition situation in countries that are already affected by hunger and poverty.

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2019 Hunger Key Facts
2019 Hunger Key Facts
Hunger Key Facts | Global Hunger Index 2018
Hunger Key Facts | Global Hunger Index 2018

What progress has been made in the fight against hunger? The Global Hunger Index comprehensively mea...


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