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Eine Drohne fliegt über eine landwirtschaftliche Anbaufläche.
Corporate power in the digital agri-food system

Data is also the new currency in nutrition systems. Whoever controls it has the edge in the market.

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Frauen auf dem Weg zur Wasserausgabe, Somaliland, 2018.
COP 26: The climate conference that failed the South

The results of the 2021 climate conference in Glasgow are sobering. Michael Kühn, Senior Advisor for Climate Change Policy on the results of COP26.

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How corporations determine what we eat

The concentration of companies in the food and agricultural sector is higher than ever. Fewer and fewer people are deciding what we eat.

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Market Power and Powerlessness - Competition Law Fails to Keep Up with Oligopolies

Structural inequality and bargaining power in global food value chains: a competition law toolkit assessment

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Mehrere Frauen holen mit gelben Kanistern Wasser aus einem Erdloch.
Welthungerhilfe: Climate Crisis Causes Hunger

Prior to the UN Climate Change Conference, President Marlehn Thieme says: "Climate change is one of the most powerful drivers of hunger."

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Facts about Hunger | Global Hunger Index 2021
Facts about Hunger | Global Hunger Index 2021

What progress has been made in the fight against hunger? Exciting facts, an interactive map and the ...