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22.03.2024 | Blog

Imminent famine in the Gaza Strip: Humanitarian access urgently needs to be expanded

Welthungerhilfe prepares distributions of urgently needed food in cooperation with international partners.

The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is catastrophic and worsening by the day. The current warnings from the United Nations about the imminent starvation of around 300,000 people in the northern Gaza Strip are shocking and unbearable. They are an urgent wake-up call to the international community to finally ensure that sufficient humanitarian aid reaches the Gaza Strip.

More than 1.1 million people, half of Gaza's population, are in the worst level of food insecurity on the UN's international scale. The further deaths of civilians must be prevented at all costs. 

8 humanitarian organizations sign a declaration to the German federal government

We welcome the German government's efforts to date to ensure that more humanitarian aid reaches the Gaza Strip by land, as roads are the most critical aid delivery route. The efforts for a ceasefire and the expansion of the existing border crossings should be continued intensively.

Hunger must not be used as a weapon 

International humanitarian law must be respected. This means that the protection of the civilian population must be guaranteed, as must the safe and unhindered access of relief supplies to the people affected. Hunger must not be used as a weapon.

At the same time, Welthungerhilfe calls for the release of all hostages, and particularly condemns the violence against women and children.  Welthungerhilfe has not been active in Gaza Strip but will distribute this urgently needed food in cooperation with international partner organisations.   

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