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Niger: The Power of Cooperative Action in Advancing the Right to Food in a Fragile Context

In Diffa, a region in southeast Niger, people are struggling with the combined challenges of conflict, climate change and food insecurity. But they are proving that by joining forces and with some external support progress towards the Right to Food is possible, even in such difficult contexts.


Community cooperatives and smallholder farmers, women and youth jointly engage in labour-intensive work on hydro-agricultural schemes thus boosting wheat and rice production.

Multiple Crises Exaggerating Food Insecurity

Armed conflict and climate change drive the food crisis in Niger’s Diffa region, stripping nearly half a million people of their Right to Food. The region’s deteriorating security, coupled with restricted access to arable land and humanitarian aid, worsens food insecurity. Climate change exacerbates the situation, with erratic rainfall and pest attacks hampering agricultural productivity. Out of 755 villages in Diffa, 676 face food deficits, leaving around 600,000 people at risk of food insecurity. Vulnerable groups like young children and pregnant or breastfeeding women are particularly affected.

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