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Mehrere Frauen sitzen auf dem Boden und schauen sich einen Vortrag an, weiter hinten stehen zwei Frauen und zwei Männer an einer Tafel.

Step 05: Conduct Briefing

Evaluation Mananagement Manual: Download (Standard) Working Tools in English

Leila Broich Sector Strategy, Knowledge and Learning Unit

The main purpose of the briefing session is to clarify the assignment. The session allows the evaluator(s) to develop a clearer understanding of the requirements and expectations of the other stakeholders involved, beyond the ToR. This enables the evaluators to better design the evaluation according to the real needs of the organisation.

DOWNLOADS: Step 05 – Conduct Briefing

Step 05: Checklist Briefing Session

A Checklist to guide you through the essential outputs of the briefing session. 

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Step Overview: Evaluation Management Manual