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Take on a running challenge in May

We're planning charity runs in Bonn and Cologne again from summer. Too far away? No problem. From 5 - 9 May 2021 you can get the #ZeroHungerRun feeling – any location, any speed, your choice of running partners. In our third virtual charity run, you or your team have five days to take part in the #ZeroHungerRun Challenge over 30 or 60 minutes. It’s open to participation from anywhere in the world.

As always with our fundraising runs, 100% of your start donation goes towards our project work. With your help, we can help wherever Corona has made things worse than before.

5 steps to the #ZeroHungerRun Challenge 2021
  1. Where, when, which route?
    The virtual starting signal will be given on 5 May at 6 pm (CEST). The route you choose is entirely up to you. You have until Sunday 9 May 11:59 pm (CEST) to complete and upload your walk or run of 30 or 60 minutes. You can also register more than once if you want to complete the challenge multiple times
  2. Register and donate – get a link
    A donation with your registration is warmly appreciated - with a donation of your choice you help immensely in the countries we work in to fight against hunger and poverty. After your registration you will receive a confirmation email with explanations and the link to upload your route data. 
    Register now >
  3. Run, track and upload your photo
    When it suits you, turn on your GPS watch or start your running app to measure the distance you run within the selected time of 30 or 60 minutes. After you’re done you can become a #ZeroHungerRun-Ambassador by uploading your photo with #ZeroHungerRun or #ZHR on Instagram and mentioning us @welthungerhilfe. You can also send it to us by email.
  4. Upload
    You must enter the distance you covered manually. You will receive your personal entry code in the confirmation email. For people with disabilities: When entering your mileage, you will find suitable categories. You can find more information on this in the FAQs. Please also upload a photo/screenshot of your route as a photo file.
  5. It stays exciting
    Become a kilometre champion - whether you win the overall title, the local hero title in your city or beat your personal best! See if your city is in the running here (in German). There is a final ranking based on total distance – separated into the 30- and 60-minute categories. The result lists will be available from 5 May onwards. Your certificates will be available for printing from 10 May. Everyone who upload a photo of themselves to Instagram with #ZeroHungerRun or #ZHR and @Welthungerhilfe will be included in our “Wall of Fame” on the #ZHR website.

Do you still have questions?
If you want to find out which apps you can use or how your age is linked to your ranking, just have a look at our FAQs.


Your impact

The world is facing a gigantic challenge that we can only overcome together. In addition to already ongoing crises triggered by climate change, conflicts or natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic is also acting as an accelerator for hunger and poverty in our project countries.

In this acutely threatening situation, you can help in a very concrete way with your donation. For what?

The proceeds from the run will go exactly where the need is greatest. For example, to our nutrition initiative, a project that gives people access to sufficient healthy food. Measures such as training in climate-adapted farming methods or the use of improved seeds help people in their current plight. TThe support has a lasting effect, so that the people are better able to cope with future crises. You can read more about the successes of last year's food initiative here.

These photos show you examples of what you can help us achieve in our projects – in Mali, Liberia, Burundi or India – by taking part in the virtual charity run. 

With €12, a woman in Burundi can take part in a multi-day cooking course and get information material on healthy nutrition and hygiene © Juliane Krähling/Welthungerhilfe
1 / 4
With €25, eight malnourished children in the Indian state of Jharkhand can be fed with the highly-nutritional food supplement Nutrimix until they are healthy again
2 / 4
With €50, a smallholder family in south-west Liberia can be supplied with seeds and tools and take part in training for improved farming methods
3 / 4
With €100, Malian women smallholders in the Mopti region can build a chicken coop and raise chickens.
4 / 4

Wall of Fame

Are you in? Post a photo of your run with #ZeroHungerRun or #ZHR and tag @welthungerhilfe on Instagram and tell the whole world that you are committed to a world free from hunger and poverty.

Sponsors and partners

Original Bootcamp

The Original Bootcamp (OBC) has dedicated itself to the healthy fight against your inner demons. In more than 50 cities across Germany, the sports activists get people moving – to benefit of their own health and the project work of Welthungerhilfe. The proceeds from the regularly held charity training sessions are passed on in full to Welthungerhilfe and thus support people in the Nepalese region of Mugu, where Welthungerhilfe is working. During the coronavirus crisis, the bootcamp has been conducting online charity trainings and supports the #ZeroHungerRun Challenge with high-quality team prizes.

Bunert - Der Düsseldorfer Laufladen [The Düsseldorf running store]

We have been the leading running shop in Düsseldorf for almost 30 years.

Whether you are a leisure, hobby, company, club or performance-oriented runner, we are always the right place to turn for running and walking shoes, spikes for athletics, sports apparel, high-quality equipment or when it comes to new club or company equipment.

Bunert - Der Kölner Laufladen [The Cologne running store]

Since 2005, there has only been one address for running enthusiasts from the cathedral city: On Aachener Straße 233-237, the team from Bunert - Der Kölner Laufladen welcomes you to an area of 300 square metres. All the staff are runners themselves. This means that, in addition to first-class products, customers will find the highest level of professional competence and individual, customer-oriented advice. As a cooperation partner of the #ZeroHungerRun Challenge 2021, the Kölner Laufladen provides the prizes for the fastest runners in Cologne, our "Local Heroes".

Bunert – Der Dortmunder Laufladen [The Dortmund running store]

"From runners for runners".  With this motto, we advise you on all your running needs. We take the time with you to find the right shoe for you. With the help of video-based analysis, we explain the individual phases of running to you and can give you tips in this regard. If you would like to visit us, please make an appointment online at www.bunert-dortmund.de. We look forward to seeing you! 

Absolute Run – Laufladen Bonn

The Laufladen Bonn, which opened in March 2014, is an owner-managed specialist shop and is located at Bonngasse 13a, 53111 Bonn. As in the past four years, the Laufladen team is actively supporting us in organising the Bonn #ZeroHungerRun. In the virtual challenge, the Laufladen offers attractive prizes for the fastest Bonners, our "local heroes".

Absolute Run – Ausdauer Shop Siegen [Endurance shop Siegen]

The Ausdauer Shop has existed for 35 years this year at the location in Betzdorf.

True to the motto of runners for runners, we then decided to open the second store in the heart of Siegen in September 2019.

There, runners will find everything their hearts desire. On 230 sqm, we offer the best running shoes, functional and stylish running textiles as well as accessories for running.

If you are curious, then take a look at our website: www.ausdauer-shop.de/ueber-uns.html


With a unique combination of innovative, strategic, creative and technical services, PRODYNA supports clients around the world in customer experience, cloud computing and digitalisation. We design, implement and operate customised software applications for medium-sized and large companies.

We at PRODYNA are sports enthusiasts, which is why we offer our employees special sporting challenges: We go on mountain tours together, take part in an annual marathon in a major European city and come up with other exciting events. This not only promotes fitness but also team spirit among each other. Because team spirit, performance orientation and common goals are decisive factors that are in the foreground at PRODYNA and its employees.

Laufwerk Hamburg GmbH

We are your shop for running and triathlon in Hamburg. You can expect expert advice with running analysis on the treadmill.
We will find the perfect running shoe and the right running equipment for you. You benefit from our 20 years of experience in advising and selling running shoes.
You can start with us towards new goals in our running courses, get individual coaching, book a professional movement analysis or fly with us to Spain for a running trip.

Peters Sports Luxemburg

Welcome to Peters Sports.

We offer shoes - that fit
Textiles - that work
Equipment - that supports
Tips - that convince

for track and field athletes, middle and long distance runners, duathletes and triathletes.
We offer competent and individual advice for outdoor and indoor: running shoes - foot analysis - textiles - accessories - printing service - events.



Short and concise answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Who is Welthungerhilfe and what happens with my donation?

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid organisations in Germany. It provides support from a central source: from rapid disaster relief and reconstruction to long-term development cooperation projects with local partner organisations based on the principle of helping people to help themselves. Since its foundation in 1962, more than 8,120 projects in 70 countries have been supported with € 3.033 billion – for a world without hunger and poverty. The donations from the #ZeroHungerRun go to Welthungerhilfe projects to fight hunger and poverty.Find out what happens with your #ZeroHungerRun donation here

What does it cost to participate in the #ZeroHungerRun Challenge 2021?

We don't charge an entry fee – but we do ask you to make a voluntary donation for our fight against hunger – more necessary than ever due to coronavirus!

You can look forward to some surprises based on the amount of your donation (see FAQ “Benefits”).

Plus: Get your friends involved with #ZHR.
You can do even more with your run: Simply create your own online campaign* and have your performance sponsored by friends for a good cause. Fame and glory are guaranteed!

*If you like, you can use our German online fundraising tool. Just adapt your campaign text in the language of your choice. All payments will be processed via PayPal.


Will I receive a donation receipt?

If you request a donation receipt during the online registration, we will gladly send you one at the beginning of the following year – when you are living in Germany. For group registrations, only the person(s) who registered will receive a donation receipt.

Please note that we cannot issue a donation receipt for donations from abroad.

How do I register for the #ZeroHungerRun May Challenge?

From March you will be able to enter your details on this page so that you can compete for a ranking. In the confirmation mail you will receive a link with an access code, where you can enter and upload your run data later.

Which route should I choose?

You run where you want! Due to the risk of incorrect measurements, stadium laps are unfortunately not suitable for GPS watches. Tip: choose a flat or slightly hilly circuit between 2 and 5 km. Important note: Make sure the area has good GPS / mobile phone reception.

How long should I run for?

You can decide on 30 minutes or 60 minutes when you register for the challenge. In one of the chosen time frames you simply run as far as you can manage. You can become the overall kilometre champion or local hero in some cities (Website in German), your team can win - or you can start your own challenge with your friends or even with yourself - you will find everything you need in the results lists at the end. Of course, you can also take part in both Challenges. After all, you have more than four days...!

What is the ranking system?

You simply enter the distance you covered manually. You will receive your personal entry code with the confirmation email. Please also upload the tracked performance as a photo file (mentioned above) or send it by email to support(at)cologne-timing.de. There will be a final ranking based on total distance – for both the 30- and 60- minute categories. 

Are there rankings by age?

There is no classic age group ranking in 5-year increments, but instead an extra ranking using the age graded calculator. Your performance will be converted into points with an age factor according to birth year. It will be exciting to see which age-groups come out on top!

How can I participate in a team?

Please adhere to the current COVID-19 guidelines for group sports. But you can also run separately with friends, an organisation or running group as a team - in different cities or even countries. You only have to agree on one name and enter it under “Team” for each individual registration. Your performance will be ranked as a team result.

How many runners can I register?

You can register as many runners as you want under group registration.

For larger teams of 10 or more participants we will be happy to help you with the registration. Send us an email at team_zerohungerrun(at)welthungerhilfe.de

Is participation possible for people with disabilities?

Anyone can participate in the #ZeroHungerRun Challenge. In their registration email, people with disabilities can use the category "Disability" to register for the list of participants that includes their name and result. 

This is not mandatory, however. Those who want to be included in the overall results list can enter their distance covered in the general category.  People who will participate with wheeled means of transport should enter their results in the "Rollies" category. This category will be ranked separately.

How are teams ranked?

A team consists of 3 or more runners (mixed teams only) - please make sure all members enter the same team names! For larger teams only the performance of the 3 best participants counts. 

Special ranking: The team with the most total distance will be honoured separately.

Which apps are supported?

If you run with a GPS-watch or measure your running distance via mobile phone with a running app, you can choose your own provider (e.g. Start 2 Run, Endemondo, Nike+, Strava, Garmin, Pacer, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Energy Lab Connect, runtastic etc.)

What if I don't have an app or GPS watch?

As you're entering the data manually, it is possible in exceptional cases to do this without uploaded app files. We just ask you to be honest.

What benefits will there be?

For a donation of €12 or more, you will receive a starting number, a medal and a digital certificate. For a donation of €22 or more, you can choose your starting number and receive a certificate and a medal as well as a #ZeroHunger multifunctional towel. If you donate €47 or more, we will also send you our latest "#ZeroHungerRun2021" running shirt made from PET-recycled marine waste.

You can also order the shirt and the multifunctional towel separately. For this we ask for a donation of €25  (shirt) and €10 (towel). We will send small prizes to those who covered the most distance by post.

Coronavirus measures

In all cases, please comply with the currently prevailing local regulations regarding COVID-19. Run alone and keep the prescribed distance from others. Please do not participate if you feel sick.

Can the distance also be covered on the treadmill?

Yes, participation on the treadmill is also possible.

Is it possible to participate in more than one challenge category?

Sure, why not? Just register for both categories. You have more than four days after all.

In which period is it possible to participate in the virtual run?

Data can be uploaded from Wednesday 5 May, 6 pm (CEST) (virtual kickoff) until Sunday 9 May, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Where can I find marketing material?

Thanks for wanting to advertise the run! You can share our Facebook event or this page. Also, here you can download the flyer in pdf format, which you can forward in an email.

Do I get a starting number?

Yes, you will receive your personalised start number (from a donation of €12) to print out in an email a few days before 5 May. From €22, you have the option to choose your desired start number up to 9999. As each start number can only be issued once, speed is of the essence! If you take a photo of yourself please wear your start number and hold up your ambassador plaque (comes with the confirmation)!

Where can I find the starter list?

You can find the list of participants directly under the FAQs.

Where and when will the award ceremony take place?

We want to honour the best. Unfortunately, this cannot be done in person. Therefore, we will send your prizes by post* after the end of the event weekend. In some cities we offer a very special extra: The "Local Heroes" award. There you can win great prizes as the best runners in your city. You can find out which cities are included here (Website in German). 

*Shipping is only available within the EU.

What to do with my running photo?

Become a #ZHR Ambassador and upload your selfies and your pictures to Instagram with #ZeroHungerRun or #ZHR and tag @Welthungerhilfe. You will receive your starting number and an ambassador plaque as a pdf with the confirmation email. Your photo will be placed on our "Wall of Fame" on the #ZHR website.

What will my donation do?

Your starting donation you can make a big difference, for example, it could help provide malnourished children in India with a highly nutritious food supplement.

Participant list