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Krieg in der Ukraine: Ein zerstörtes Dorf in der Nähe von Kiew.

Millions Fleeing From War In Ukraine

War Knows Only Losers

Flight and suffering due to the war in Ukraine

Since February 2022, Russia has been waging war against Ukraine, bringing immeasurable suffering to the country. So far, the conflict has killed over 9,000 civilians; the number of unreported cases is probably much higher. Over 6.4 million people, primarily women and children, have fled the country, almost all to other European countries. About 3.7 million more have fled within Ukraine.

In the meantime, some people have returned to their places of origin and are trying to rebuild their lives under difficult conditions. Reconstruction has begun in some areas that are no longer part of the combat zone. More than 14.6 million people are dependent on humanitarian aid and reconstruction support.

Kalte Wintertage in der Ukraine. Hier: Ternopil.

The threat of a harsh winter

In winter, Ukraine can experience temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees Celsius. People are particularly suffering from outages in the supply of electricity, water and heat. Russia is attempting to destroy civilian targets such as power grids and power and water plants through air strikes.

If there is heavy snowfall, it would be difficult for humanitarian organizations to reach people with supplies. However, cash grants to severely affected families can help them prepare for the winter season with supplies such as fuel and warm clothing.

Cash assistance for refugee families in Ukraine

Millions of people in Ukraine have been internally displaced within their own country – including Lesia* and her three children. They had to leave their home due to continuous shelling and found refuge in a village 70 kilometers away. Thanks to cash assistance, they are able to cover their own daily needs. At the same time, they are supporting the weakened local economy. This is made possible by the Joint Emergency Response in Ukraine (JERU), a joint effort by several Alliance 2015 organizations, including Welthungerhilfe.

*(name changed)

Lesia, 33, mit ihren drei Kindern. Ihr Heimatdorf befindet sich nur einen Kilometer entfernt von der ukrainisch-russischen Grenze.

How we support the people in the affected region

We can provide sustainable assistance through a broad network of European aid organizations.

As part of Alliance2015, we have been working closely with the aid organizations People in Need (PIN) and the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) for many years. Together with our partners, we are active in the crisis region: We work with PIN in Ukraine to support people with, among other things, by handing out cash, equipping collective shelters with sanitary facilities, or offering support for traumatized children and adults through mobile psychosocial services.

Through our long-standing alliance partners, we ensure that your donation arrives most quickly where it is urgently needed.

Our support in the crisis region

Please support people in need – in Ukraine and all over the world!

WHH allocates your donation with great responsibility where it is most urgently needed. The project presented here is an example for our global fight against hunger and poverty.

How is WHH helping in Ukraine?

We work closely with our Alliance2015 partners, such as People In Need, ACTED and Concern Worldwide, some of whom have been active in Ukraine and neighboring countries for a long time. Among other things, we support refugees and communities hosting families with cash for daily needs. Traumatized children and adults receive support from mobile psychosocial services. We also help with reconstruction through grants to small and medium-sized enterprises that revitalize local economies. In addition to emergency relief measures, we identify what crisis support the region needs in the medium and long term. More information about Ukraine.

Where do donations go?

WHH allocates your donation with great responsibility where it is most urgently needed. The project presented here is an example for our global fight against hunger and poverty.

Can I donate goods through WHH to people in Ukraine or to refugees?

WHH cannot accept donations of goods. We collect monetary donations, which we use together with our Alliance2015 partners to support the people in need in Ukraine as well as refugees. However, we very much appreciate your offers and kindly ask you to donate your goods to local organizations that specialize in this field.