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Millions Fleeing From War In Ukraine

War Knows Only Losers

Fleeing And Suffering After Ukraine Invasion

Russia has invaded Ukraine – there is a war in Europe. For half a year now, Russian attacks have devastated the country. Casualties are rising, including among the civilian population. More than 7.7 million people, mostly women and children, have fled from the attacks in Ukraine and are seeking shelter in other European countries, about 6.2 million more are displaced within Ukraine. The EU Commission and the UN expect that many more Ukrainians will be forced to leave their home country.

War Is A Humanitarian Disaster

The offensive on Ukraine directly threatens the lives of millions of people. They are facing a humanitarian disaster with hunger and immense suffering. Many are fleeing to safer areas or to neighboring countries. The refugees are often only able to take the bare necessities with them. After arriving in neighboring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Romania or Moldova, many of them are now left with nothing. Even basic things like food or hygiene products are lacking. Many mothers do not know where they will spend the next nights with their children.

A Single Mum Displaced In Her Own Country

Around seven million people in Ukraine have been displaced in their own country. Like Daryna* and her children. The single mother comes from Kherson in southern Ukraine. Her youngest son was seriously injured in an explosion. They were able to flee and are currently finding shelter in western Ukraine. Together with its partner organization Concern Worldwide, Welthungerhilfe is supporting internally displaced persons by providing food, hygiene items, blankets and pillows.

*(name has been changed)

How We Support The People In The Affected Region

We can provide rapid assistance through a broad network of European aid organizations. At the moment, the focus is on providing first aid to people who have had to flee the war. We are also already assessing what what support will be needed in the crisis region in the medium and long term.

As part of Alliance2015, we have been working closely with the aid organizations People in Need (PIN) and the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) for many years. Together with our partners, we are active in the crisis region:

Ukraine: Through PIN, we support Ukrainians with hot meals, the distribution of hygiene kits and cash.

Republic of Moldova: Through ACTED, we support arriving refugees with hygiene items and food. In addition, teams on the ground ensure that refugees are provided with all important information as quickly as possible and that they are transported to reception centers.

Through our partners, we ensure that your donation arrives most quickly where it is urgently needed.

Food For Refugees

In western Ukraine, Welthungerhilfe and its partners Concern Worldwide and Cevsi distributed 1,300 food packages to refugees in July 2022. The packages contain pasta, rice, oil, sugar and canned beans, fish and tomatoes.

Our Support in the Crisis Region

Conditions in collective shelters for IDPs in western and central Ukraine are being improved by:

Please support the victims of the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine!

How is Welthungerhilfe helping in Ukraine?

Through our Alliance2015 partner People In Need, we support refugees in Ukraine with cash, hot meals and hygiene items. Together with our partner ACTED, we are active in the Republic of Moldova and support arriving refugees with hygiene articles and food. Refugees also receive assistance through information and transportation to reception centers. In addition to emergency aid measures, we also identify what support is needed in the crisis region in the medium and long term.

Where do donations go?

Your donation goes directly to the emergency relief efforts of Welthungerhilfe and its partner organizations in Ukraine. We support people in need in Ukraine as well as Ukrainians who have fled to neighboring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Can I donate goods through Welthungerhilfe to people in Ukraine or to refugees?

Welthungerhilfe cannot accept donations of goods. We collect monetary donations, which we use together with our Alliance2015 partners to support the people in need in Ukraine as well as refugees. However, we very much appreciate your offers and kindly ask you to donate your goods to local organizations that specialize in this field.

Does Welthungerhilfe pass on 100% of the donations to its partners?

Your donation will be used without deduction of administrative fees by Welthungerhilfe within the scope of the cooperation with People In Need (PIN) and ACTED for people affected by the war in Ukraine or for people who have fled from the war to neighboring countries of Ukraine. We support our partners with personnel, know-how and concrete relief measures.