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A man transports a big banana plant.

D. R. Congo

8 current projects
8.02 m. € funding in 2019
850,000 people reached in 2019

The second-largest country in Africa is one of the world’s poorest despite its wealth of natural resources. Around 72 per cent of the 100 million residents of the Democratic Republic of the Congo live below the poverty line. The country is defined by political instability, war and violence. But health crises such as serious outbreaks of Ebola, measles, cholera and now the Covid 19 pandemic are also making life hard for the population. Welthungerhilfe's work focuses on sustainable food security, agricultural training, road construction, social integration and emergency aid.

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Selected projects

Ebola, War and Hunger

The DR Congo is experiencing the worst outbreak of Ebola in the history of the country. This is how Welthungerhilfe provides support.

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Steady Incomes Promote Peace

Agricultural projects and road construction offer people in the Congo new prospects.

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More projects in Democratic Republic of Congo

Sustainable cultivation, more harvests

Democratic Republic of Congo | 2018 – 2021 | Budget: € 2,000,000
Institutional donors: BMZ

Getting Ready for Returnees

Democratic Republic of Congo | 2019 – 2023 | Budget: € 4,433,169
Institutional donors: BMZ

Seed Material and Drinking Water for Displaced People and Local Residents

Democratic Republic of Congo | 2020 – 2021 | Budget: € 3,613,440
Institutional donors: AA

Nutrition and Hygiene Training for IDPs

Democratic Republic of Congo | 2020 – 2021 | Budget: € 956,657
Institutional donors: USAID

Cocoa and Coffee Could End Poverty

Democratic Republic of Congo | 2020 – 2023 | Budget: € 5,388,889
Institutional donors: EU

News from Democratic Republic of Congo

Publications about Democratic Republic of Congo

Education Report 2019

Knowledge is the basis for development. In numerous projects throughout the world, we ensure that people have access to education.

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Mid Term Evaluation Report: D.R. Congo (COD 1114)

COD 1114: Sustainable improvement of food security of the conflict-affected population and stabilization of the Kitchanga Region, North Kivu, D.R.

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One year with Ebola - DR Congo
One year with Ebola - Demoratic Republic Congo

One year with Ebola: the epidemic has been present in eastern DR Congo since August 1, 2018 and was now declared a public health emergency of...

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