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Drei Frauen bei der Arbeit auf einem Erdnussfeld
Democratic Republic of Congo

Steady Incomes Promote Peace

Project Status Ongoing
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Lush vegetation with deep green meadows and tropical forests: Thanks to fertile soil and ample precipitation, the Democratic Republic of the Congo boasts enormous agricultural potential and could become the breadbasket of Central Africa. And yet, this is one of the world’s poorest countries. The majority of its approximately 65 million people is going hungry. Political unrest and armed conflicts with neighbouring countries and rebel groups have led to the displacement of its population and economic collapse time and time again. The unemployment rate is currently around 90 percent, and the average salary at USD 100 per annum.

Workers repairing a road.
Workers repairing a road. It will lead to a market, which is currently being established. © Andreas Herzau

The country is recovering from the effects of the violent conflicts only slowly, with sporadic flare-ups between armed groups breaking the peace. Nonetheless, residents dare to rebuild. In the impoverished province of North Kivu on the border with Uganda, Welthungerhilfe is supporting them in their effort. The goal: Making a steady food supply and income a constant in their lives again.

Cocoa and Coffee in Great Demand

In the regions of Mutwanga and Watalinga, near the Virunga national park, 55,000 smallholders cultivate primarily manioc, beans, plantains and palm oil, with some owning cocoa or coffee plantations. They produce crops that enjoy a great market demand – as long as quality and quantity are up to par.

Zwei Frauen, die an einem Kurs im Schulungsprojekt Agrarwirtschaft teilnehmen
Course participants taking notes on topics such as marketing and accounting. © Andreas Herzau

How Welthungerhilfe Supports People in Congo

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