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Material and Publications

Mid-term Evaluation Report 2018: Bolivia and Peru (SAM 1019)

Mid-term Project Evaluation "Improvement of Land Governance in rural and indigenous communities of Bolivia, and Peru: Promoting the right and access to land"


The Project has the Global Objective to improve the governance of land and natural resources in peasant and indigenous populations in Bolivia and Peru. The purpose of the Project has been to strengthen the political / legal and social conditions of the indigenous and peasant populations of both countries, in order to contribute to guaranteeing their right to adequate food and access, use and possession of the land. To achieve these goals from a strategic perspective, the identification phase included: i) strengthening the capacities of indigenous and peasants representatives, public officials and private sector leaders; ii) promotion and administration of an Observatory for access to land; and iii) establishment, revitalization and strengthening of dialogue spaces or round-tables where to discuss contents and strategies for the recognition and effective exercise of rights linked to the right of access, use and possession of land and adequate food.

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