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Material and Publications

Alliance2015 COVID-19 Multi Country Survey

A shocking 46% of women and 37% of men reported that they and their families were consuming less food of poorer quality.


The Covid-19 pandemic is testing the resilience of communities globally, with very differentiated impacts, exacerbating existing inequities and creating new ones. To help shape an evidence-based response to Covid-19, Alliance2015 members jointly conducted a survey in 25 countries, covering over 16,000 women, men and trans/non-binary people over a two-month period (from mid- October to mid-December 2020). 

The large sample size and distribution of respondents, living in urban, rural and camp settings, provides a robust base for adapting and designing humanitarian assistance and development programmes and assessing their impacts, by Alliance2015 members, other CSOs, government and donors. The survey provides striking information on the impacts of Covid-19 on food security, WASH, health, education, income, indebtedness and psychosocial conditions of households.

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