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Zentralafrikanische Republik Central African Republic, Koudoukou School
Central African Republic

Stategies and Goals

Main sector
Programme Objective in Central African Republic:

Enable the most vulnerable people to improve their agriculture and food security, raise their incomes and strengthen their resilience.

The Central African Republic, a landlocked country in central Africa, has suffered from political instability and several security and humanitarian crises in the past few decades. The most recent conflict erupted in 2012 and lasted until 2014. During the course of the conflict livelihoods were lost, markets disrupted and food security weakened. The country held its first ever democratic elections in 2016, which brought some stability but there are still an estimated 500,000 internally displaced persons in the country and due to the high rates of malnutrition it is the only country to fall into the “extremely alarming” category of the 2017 Global Hunger Index.

Facts and Figures

Sectors of Intervention

Welthungerhilfe’s work in the Central African Republic focuses on three key areas: agriculture and environment, humanitarian assistance and civil society and social empowerment. All projects are designed to support particularly vulnerable groups such as small-scale farmers and their families, internally displaced people (IDPs) and refugee and returnee families as well as women and children. 

Humanitarian Assistance

Agriculture and Environment

Civil Society and Social Empowerment

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