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Zentralafrikanische Republik Central African Republic, Ngoulekpa und Boussamoa
Central African Republic

Small fields, large harvests

Project Status Completed
Main sector
Humanitarian Assistance

It is good to have a vegetable field. It is good to be able to harvest enough to sell something at the local markets. It is good to be able to work on this field in peace. The Central African Republic could actually offer its residents all the necessary conditions to do all of this: The soil is fertile, and there is enough rain. Three-quarters of the entire population lives from agriculture, so... But prolonged violence and unrest have held the country in a state of chaos since 2013.

Earning an income by selling produce at the market.
Earning an income by selling produce at the market. © Welthungerhilfe

The Vegetable Farmer of Bangui – Fields next to the Runway

Many of the displaced have since begin to cultivate vegetables. Cabbage, watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes and much more grow in the middle of the airport.  The people living on the opposite side of the runway have been cultivating vegetables there for even longer and at an increasing scale. They need to relocate, not least for security reasons.

The necessary land is already there: Only a few kilometres away, there are 100 hectares of land open for settlement, approximately equivalent to 140 football fields. This land was provided by the government. Welthungerhilfe Country Coordinator Georg Dörken and his team designed the plans that are currently being implemented step by step.

Refugees and Migration

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Welthungerhilfe Helps People with Farming Fields, Seeds and Training

1,800 vegetable farmers and their families are now receiving new plots for growing food. Each of them will offer a family a new future. This is in addition to two wells, a school, drainage canals, access ways and an infirmary. Market stalls and a warehouse have already been built in the new settlement to allow the food grown there to be brought to merchants and clients.

As soon as the parcels are drawn up and distributed, the farmers will receive all the necessary equipment and a starter package. This includes high-quality seeds as well as training and advice on increasing crop and seed yields. This knowledge will then be passed along from farmer to farmer.

How Welthungerhilfe Supports People in Central African Republic

Help the people of the Central African Republic to improve their living conditions, income and access to food. Donate to our projects!

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