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Strategy 2017-2020

Hunger is the biggest solvable problem in the world. Welthungerhilfe wants to do all it can to find a lasting solution.

Mitarbeiter der Welthungerhilfe blickt nach vorne.
"Zero Hunger wherever we work by 2030" - that's the goal of Welthungerhilfe. © Henrik Wiards, Welthungerhilfe
Cover: The Welthungerhilfe Strategy 2017-2020 - #ZeroHunger Welthungerhilfe Strategy 2017-2020

Our strategy contains our key factors, which set our work in the next years to achieve our goals.

“Zero Hunger wherever we work by 2030“– this is the clear goal for Welthungerhilfe. Welthungerhilfe wants to work with its partners to end hunger for good in all the countries where it is active by 2030. The precise formulation is based on the 2nd UN Sustainable Development Goal. 

The end of hunger is within reach for the first time in history. Welthungerhilfe wants to use the UN commitment to focus on this issue and concentrate on its goal of achieving a world without hunger. This includes all forms of hunger and malnutrition, particularly chronic and acute undernutrition. It relies not just on specific project activities and political advocacy work, but also measurable results and accountability to partners, donors and people in project areas.

Last Update 17.04.2019