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Porträt: Francesca Schraffl, Team Philanthropy & Partnerships

Francesca Schraffl

Foundation Partnerships Officer

All articles by Francesca Schraffl

Soldiers guard the beaches in Sicily. Due to G7 Summit restrictions overcrowded boats with suffering refugees were forbidden to land in this area. © Welthungerhilfe
G7: The Taormina Disaster

800 million are still going to bed hungry – can the G7 leaders go to bed with a clear conscience?

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Volunteers are gathered to organize a distribution of water purifying kits.
After the Nepal Earthquake: People Help Each Other

Welthungerhilfe employer Claudia Balkhausen was astonished how people helped each other after the earthquake in Nepal.

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The search for surivors of Nepal´s earthquake continues.
Emergency Aid After Earthquake in Nepal

Francesca Schraffl shares her experience distributing relief to the people in Nepal after the heavy earthquake.

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Just one of endless examples of destruction in Nepal: the hotel wall collapsed during the earthquake.
The Earth kept shaking throughout the night

Francesca travelled to Nepal to support emergency response team of Welthungerhilfe. During her first night, aftershocks kept her awake.

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Indian farmers live in constant struggle.
Drought, Crop Failure and Landgrabbing in India

Drought, crop failure, land grabbing - many Indian farmers live in a constant struggle. And some give up the fight.

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"We are strong, and we want our voices to be heard."
Women in India Become Peace Agents

At the "First Northeast India Women Peace Congregation" women in India demand to become an active part of the peace movement.

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