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A boy drinks water from the faucet


21 current projects
4.7 m. € funding in 2022
524,000 people reached in 2022

+++ News: Cyclone "Freddy" destroys livelihood of hundreds of thousands of people. A long-lasting tropical storm, which formed in February 2023, has caused severe flooding in Malawi and neighboring Madagascar and Mozambique. The landlocked African country has been the hardest hit: The disaster management authority has reported more than 500 fatalities, and more than 500,000 people have been affected by the storm.+++ Most of the approximately 19 million residents of Malawi make their living as smallholders in rural areas. The landlocked southern African country is combating the effects of the recurring climate phenomenon of El Niño. Wide swathes of the country regularly suffer extreme droughts, while other areas experience heavy rainfall. Both result in crop failures.

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Support for children with disabilities

Life in Malawi's largest refugee camp is difficult - especially for children with disabilities. In the care center, they are supported.

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Changing Everyday Life One Day at a Time

Life in Malawi is defined by poverty and hunger. Water, sanitation and food security are the most critical topics for the people.

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News from Malawi

Publications about Malawi

Magazine 2018

Jenifer Dokali from Malawi shares the secret of her successful vegetable garden. Discover more stories like hers in Welthungerhilfe's magazine.

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Working to Zero Hunger

This case study aims to assess Welthungerhilfe's Zero Hunger Goal and analyses the current situation in terms of hunger and nutrition security in…

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2014 evaluation mwi1001 malawi en
Final Evaluation Report 2014: Malawi

This evaluation aims to assess the extent to which Welthungerhilfe's project "WASH Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Health & Hygiene Promotion in…

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