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Eine Frau und mehrere Kinder sitzen und stehen auf einem Weg durch ein Camp für syrische Flüchtlinge im Libanon.


3 current projects
0.95 m. € funding in 2020
25,000 people reached in 2020

Until the 1960s Lebanon was regarded as the “Switzerland of the Orient” due to its economic stability and political neutrality. However, in the decades that followed, wars and internal crises devastated the country. Even today it is still one of the freest countries in the Arab world. The Lebanese economy has been in decline for many years and has been further strained since 2011 by the reception of millions of Syrian refugees. Nearly every fifth inhabitant in Lebanon is Syrian. This leads to social conflicts: food and everyday goods are scarce and expensive, wages low and the unemployment rate extremely high.

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Selected projects

Diversity and cohesion give hope

In Lebanon, locals and Syrian refugees farm together, harvesting cohesion and reducing prejudice.

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Prospects after fleeing

Training programmes for Syrian refugees in Lebanon are strengthening the resilience of the people, communities and national institutions.

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More projects in Lebanon

Defuse resource conflicts

Lebanon | 2019 – 2022 | Budget: € 4,322,000
Institutional donors: BMZ

Recovering From the Explosion

Lebanon | 2020 – 2021 | Budget: € 350,000
Institutional donors: CBM

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Fact Sheet Syria, Turkey, Lebanon

Millions of people in Syria, Turkey and Lebanon have been affected by the war in Syria and by the effects of the so-called Islamic State’s (IS) rule....

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