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Girl fetching water at water well.


5 current projects
0.95 m. € funding in 2019
20,000 people reached in 2019

The kingdom of Cambodia is known for its tropical forests. However, the breath-taking natural paradise’s idyllic image is marred by one of the world’s highest deforestation rates. The lion’s share of the blame falls to the illegal wood trade. Large-scale investors are also converting cleared areas to cash crop plantations for export. The forest in and from which many indigenous groups live is steadily disappearing. Dispossessed of and displaced from their land, countless smallholders fall victim to landgrabs. Many people in Cambodia are going hungry, with women and children especially suffering chronic undernutrition.

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Selected projects

Cheated Out Of Their Own Land

Food safety in Cambodia involves securing land laws and clearing land mines.

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More projects in Cambodia

Making Minorities Aware of Their Rights

Cambodia | 2016 – 2020 | Budget: € 708,476
Institutional donors: BMZ

We Stand with You: Organisations Fighting for Land Rights

Cambodia | 2017 – 2021 | Budget: € 500,000
Institutional donors: BMZ

Protection of the tropical forest and biodiversity in Cambodia

Cambodia | 2018 – 2022 | Budget: € 466,667
Institutional donors: BMZ

Rubber Production for Tomorrow

Cambodia | 2019 – 2022 | Budget: € 372,429
Institutional donors: BMZ

Civil Society Academies: Gaining a Voice and a Vote

Cambodia | 2016 – 2021 | Budget: € 1,615,900
Institutional donors: BMZ

News from Cambodia

Rank in Global Hunger Index
#77 of 119 countries
GHI value 2018 for Cambodia
extremely alarming> 50 low< 9.9

Global Hunger Index (GHI) of Welthungerhilfe and partner calculates the nutritional situation of a country once a year. The lower the GHI value, the better the rank and the better the situation.

More about Global Hunger Index
15.76 million population (2019)
2.9% child mortality (2019)
16.4% of the population is undernourished.
Global Hunger Index
-9,8 Score (27.6 in 2010)
43.6 2000
29.4 2005
27.6 2010
22.8 2019

Publications about Cambodia

Impacts of Economic Land Concessions in Cambodia

Impacts of Economic Land Concessions on Project Target Communities Living Near Concession Areas in Virachey National Park and Lumphat Wildlife...

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Communal Land Titling in Cambodia

Indigenous communities in Cambodia defend their land and their rights with dedication – and with the help of the communal land titling process.

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Case Study Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world with a considerable share of the population suffering food insecurity.

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