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Audit Report

The Welthungerhilfe complaints mechanism

Kerstin Bandsom Team Communications

Those who work with people, and particularly those who work with and for people in urgent need, bear a great responsibility. The level of trust placed in the organisation’s staff is also very high. Like all organisations, Welthungerhilfe has the constant duty to fully live up to the trust placed in the organisation and its staff.

Report unethical behavior

Use this form to report unethical behaviour or fraud in connection with projects of Welthungerhilfe.

For this reason the Audit Team monitors all Welthungerhilfe departments and activities at a national and international level, and ensures that the internal accountability guidelines are followed. A key part of these guidelines is the Code of Conduct, which sets down binding rules of conduct for Welthungerhilfe staff.  It focuses above all on the areas of treatment on equal terms, prevention of sexual abuse, anti-corruption rules and protecting children. However Welthungerhilfe has also agreed to observe many other codes in its work, such as the Core Humanitarian Standards, which set down internationally recognised standards for work in emergency assistance situations.

As well as regular monitoring and evaluation processes, there is a feedback mechanism, which people inside or outside Welthungerhilfe can use to contact the organisation directly.

Reports and enquiries regarding unethical behaviour in connection with Welthungerhilfe projects can submitted at any time using an anonymous online form or the whistleblower e-mail address complaints(at)welthungerhilfe.de. These are dealt with immediately and confidentially by the internal audit department.

Last Update 17.01.2018
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