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Bean United

Fair Trade and Consumption: Bean United supports Welthungerhilfe projects with every kilogram of coffee sold.

Since 2019, the social coffee company Bean United has been donating a percentage of the proceeds from each kilogram of its fairly produced coffee to a Welthungerhilfe project for school meals in Burundi. Every kilogram of coffee allows around ten healthy meals to be distributed to pupils—a good example of co-operation between companies and Welthungerhilfe in the form of a cause-related marketing initiative.

Engagement is central to Bean United’s philosophy: Since making its start in 2010, this start-up from Oberhaching, Bavaria, has been developing a value chain in which all participants enjoy equal status. They produce high-quality and fair-trade beans that the company then turns into fine coffee through a traditional roasting process.

Last Update 11.06.2021

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