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Press trip to Sierra Leone. Antoinette Saffa (Chief Accountant) and Franz Moestl (Project Manager) in front of their office. © World Hunger Aid
Press trip to Sierra Leone. Antoinette Saffa (Chief Accountant) and Franz Moestl (Project Manager) in front of their office. © Daniel Rosenthal/Welthungerhilfe

We have already achieved a lot with our corporate partners in the fight against hunger and poverty. Be inspired by our successful collaborations or find out about our range of options for companies here. We will be happy to work with you to develop a suitable model for your company.


The agricultural machinery manufacturer Amazone knows better than anyone that agriculture can be organised to achieve an optimum yield. But this company from Lower Saxony in Germany wanted to know how to help in regions where this is not possible, where families go hungry because their harvests are insufficient. That is why Amazone is now a long-term partner of Welthungerhilfe, supporting 4,500 particularly poor peasant families in Jharkhand and West Bengal in India. The farmers receive seed, water storage containers and everything they need for horticulture. They also receive training in nutrition, how to defeat hunger in their villages, and even how to market some of their harvest. Amazone started its support in May 2014, with a donation of 10,000 euros for the project in India.


After Arko donated € 20,000 as part of the "Usedom Cross Country" event in autumn 2016, it went on to strengthen its cooperation with Welthungerhilfe. Branches of Arko sells various products over the Christmas period under the slogan “Lend a hand!” ("Helfen Sie mit!"), with the proceeds going to Welthungerhilfe. For every unit of product sold, 5 cents go to help fund Welthungerhilfe’s education projects, such as school meals in Burundi, where some pupils could not otherwise go to school.

Axel Springer

Many employees at Axel Springer AG have been making the most of the small amounts after the decimal point in their wage statements. Since 1987 they have been donating this money to Welthungerhilfe, with strong support from this publishing house. It has added up to a big contribution over the last 25 years. This money has been used to fund projects to help children and young people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Thanks to support from the publishing house, and the initiative “Bild helps - a heart for children” ("Bild hilft e.V.– Ein Herz für Kinder"), Welthungerhilfe has been able to work for a better future for children and young people in Bolivia, in the capital La Paz and in the neighbouring town of El Alto.

Bauer Media Group

As the Bauer Media Group has shown, social responsibility starts with good ideas. A joint initiative of the Bauer Media Group and Performance Sales International has mobilised the riding community under the motto “Riding against hunger” (“Reiten gegen den Hunger”). In April 2013 the youth magazine BRAVO and Welthungerhilfe also started a joint campaign. The “Stop hunger” campaign (“Stopp den Hunger”) provided young readers with exciting and informative reports from Welthungerhilfe projects, and offered ideas for action. On Welthungerhilfe’s 50th anniversary, all the group’s titles told their readers about the action “Together for life - we’ll lend a hand!” ("Gemeinsam für das Leben – wir helfen mit!"). The publisher, Gudrun Bauer, has also been personally involved for years, working closely with Welthungerhilfe for a good cause.


Beeline has been a Welthungerhilfe partner since 2008. This jewellery and accessories company started by supporting the millennium village of Ghandiji Songa in India, then other villages in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  The people in surrounding areas also benefit from new or improved schools, health facilities, and sources of income created in the project villages. The Cologne-based company and its staff have provided more than 550,000 euros for Welthungerhilfe projects in various ways - by collecting donations from staff members and selling charity jewellery in SIXX and I AM stores, for example. Their all-round support fits with the company philosophy. “We would like to give some of the fruits of our success back to the community”, says Ulrich Beckmann, founder of Beeline.


Bernd Rubarth, Managing Director of the Blitz-Reisen bus company, does not just want the best for his customers: he also likes to help people in need.

This businessman from Overath has been supporting Welthungerhilfe since 2004. He started by supporting specific projects, and he now makes general donations. Blitz-Reisen has donated 63,000 euros to Welthungerhilfe projects since 2004.


The pharmacy company Iwan Budnikowsky has been supporting Welthungerhilfe for many years through the “Buy and help” (“Kaufen und Helfen”) campaign. When customers buy selected natural and fair-trade products during the annual campaign period, a proportion of the proceeds go to support people in developing countries.

In 2015 money was collected for the “Dakpana” organic cocoa project in Sierra Leone. During previous years, the company, its customers and staff, supported the millennium villages of Ayacucho and Sodo. It has been a great success, and the people there are now more independent, with a decent standard of living.

Coffee Circle

Every year the founders of Coffee Circle travel personally to visit coffee cooperatives in Ethiopia. There they select the best coffees from each harvest, and hear from the people, giving them a very clear impression of their living conditions. By buying directly, Coffee Circle can ensure the coffee growers get fair prices, enabling them to improve their living conditions for themselves. For every kilo of coffee sold the company also invests one euro in social projects that are implemented jointly with the family farmers. They started cooperating with Welthungerhilfe in November 2014. In Jimma in Ethiopia, clean drinking water, washing facilities and toilets will make a clear improvement to the living conditions of people in the coffee region. The company wants to invest 680,000 euros in these areas by 2017, making the most of its project experience.


This interior design company Connox has been supporting Welthungerhilfe in various ways since 2010. Connox gift vouchers have been particularly effective. A personal gift card and hand-made origami support the work of Welthungerhilfe. Every product is an example of Welthungerhilfe’s project work.

The donation is always used where it is most needed; be it for literacy work or training a seamstress, for seed or a fish-farming starter kit. These gift vouchers provide effective support for people around the world.

The German Association for Water, Waste Water and Waste (DWA)

A total of 2.6 billion people, one in two inhabitants of developing countries, live without basic sanitation. Nearly 900 million people have no access to clean water.

“It is only humane to help. As its members have decades of experience, the DWA can offer advice in these areas, and encourage its members to make donations” says Otto Schaaf, DWA Chairman. He adds: “The DWA knows it can rely on the expertise of Welthungerhilfe on development issues and the water sector.”


The Freeletics fitness programme would like to enable everyone in the world to reach their full physical and mental potential, so they can have more control of their own lives. This goal means that the global company and its staff are committed to acting responsibly and respectfully in all areas.

To make a contribution to a better society, 10 percent of Freeletics’ net monthly profits go to three charities, including Welthungerhilfe.


The cheese producer FROMI has been supporting the millennium village of Veshab in Tajikistan since January 2011. Welthungerhilfe receives € 0.25 for every kilogram of the exclusive cheese brand “Xavier David Fromages affines” that is sold. Welthungerhilfe and FROMI are improving living conditions for the 1,800 inhabitants of this mountain village by supporting production of dried fruit, vegetable growing, and honey production. “With our distribution team in 10 countries and markets in 55 countries, we are expanding our cooperation with Welthungerhilfe”, explains Managing Director Vincent Christophe. In a previous successful project, Fromi helped Bolivian dairy farmers to produce and market cheese.

Kaiser Biobäckerei

Kaiser Biobäckerei respects people and the environment, and not just by baking quality products. Above all it respects people in all their diversity. That’s why this bakery has been supporting Welthungerhilfe since 2015 with its campaign “1 hour against hunger” (“1 Stunde gegen den Hunger”).

On 21st May all takings from Kaiser bakeries between noon and 1pm were donated to Welthungerhilfe, and there were also donation boxes in all their branches. Kaiser staff made the campaign particularly effective by giving up their wages for that hour.

Lycka Frozen Yoghurt

The Hamburg-based company purefood GmbH has been supporting Welthungerhilfe since 2015 with every pot of frozen yoghurt it sells. “We want to actively support the fight against hunger around the world. That's why we donate 6 cents to Welthungerhilfe for every small pot of Lycka and 11 cents every large pot”, says Sven Perten, one purefood’s three founders. This money makes it possible to provide school meals in different Welthungerhilfe projects, from school catering to horticulture. The company developed the healthy, fair-trade “Lycka Frozen Yoghurt” in line with the company motto: “better food – better world”. It is made from only organic, sustainably produced ingredients, and it is packaged in recyclable card.


It is important for MADELEINE to offer a future for the children of the ‘children’s paradise’ in Accra, Ghana. That is why MADELEINE started a successful campaign with Welthungerhilfe in autumn 2008. A scarf and a leather bag were declared charity products that year, and for every unit sold, ten euros went to the aid project. So far MADELEINE Germany, Austria and Switzerland have contributed more than 70,000 euros. The ‘children’s paradise’ offers a future to many street children and orphans in the Ghanaian capital. In small, family-like groups, the children learn more than just school knowledge. They also learn about social behaviour, like in a real family. The donations from MADELEINE have been used to build houses for the children, and to fund schooling and medicine.


The Mestemacher bakery has been supporting Welthungerhilfe since 2012 through the “Together against hunger” campaign (“Gemeinsam gegen Hunger”). Customers can actively support the work of Welthungerhilfe by buying one of the 200,000 organic wholemeal loaves that are distributed to supermarkets during the campaign period. “As part of our social engagement, we consistently support development towards a fairer and more humane world. Welthungerhilfe shares these goals”, explains Prof. Ulrike Detmers, who started the social campaigns at Mestemacher. The campaign fits particularly well, because of the link between the product and Welthungerhilfe’s goal - a world without hunger and poverty. 

OTTO Austria

748 million people around the world have no access to clean drinking water. 2.5 billion people have no appropriate sanitation. 4 billion people, particularly children under 5, suffer from resulting illnesses, which are often fatal.  Our corporate partner, Otto Austria believes we must do something about this, so it supports clean water and sanitation in rural areas of Zimbabwe. Otto Austria aims to work with 100% sustainable cotton by 2020. In the process, our partner is supporting improved living conditions and economic opportunities for farmers who produce the important raw materials sustainably.

Spring cleaning from the heart

The initiative “Spring cleaning from the heart” (“Platz schaffen mit Herz”) has brought in nearly € 50,000 for Welthungerhilfe since 2014. With the motto, “pack it, send it, do some good”, everyone can put garments and shoes they no longer wear in a parcel and send them in free from anywhere in Germany. Instead of being thrown away, clothes have a second life where they are most needed. All proceeds go to ecological and social projects, and Welthungerhilfe is one of the three organisations supported.


During the civil war in Sierra Leone, a lot of arable land was destroyed and knowledge about cocoa growing was lost; since then many small farmers have been fighting for their survival. Welthungerhilfe and Theobroma are helping them to restore former arable land and to prepare new land. The farmers are also trained to process their harvest more effectively. They learn how to have their produce certified, as certified cocoa sells a lot better on the world market. Theobroma offers financial support and a wealth of experience. The same applies for a coffee project in Sierra Leone, also supported by Theobroma. Theobroma’s cooperation guarantees the company a supply of high-quality beans for its factories in Europe. 

Thomas Cook

Education is a basic right, enshrined in the second international Millennium Goal. Rebuilding the education system is particularly important in crisis areas and after disasters, because education is the future.

Building schools in Sri Lanka:Thomas Cook has supported construction of two schools with a generous donation of € 100,000, to improve the situation in the country. One school was opened in February 2013. Dr. Julian Clemenz, Head of Business Development & Quality at Thomas Cook, travelled to the project area: “It makes me really happy to be there now, to hear children laughing, and to be involved in improving their future, because they can learn.”

“A school for Nepal”Thomas Cook is an important supporter of the Welthungerhilfe crowdfunding campaign. We collected donations to rebuild the Sarada school in the Ramechhap region of Nepal. Thomas Cook doubled every euro, contributing € 50,000 to help build the school. We would like to thank everyone who gave his or her support.


In 2012 a donation of over € 30,000 marked the start of a long-term partnershipbetween Vet-Concept and Welthungerhilfe.

“Although we can ensure that animals are well fed in Germany, there are people in other parts of the world that have to fight for their day-to-day survival”, say Anita Theis and Thorsten Herz, Managing Directors of this animal feed business. Katharina Wertenbruch, Head of Fund-raising, adds: “A long-term partnership is particularly valuable, as it increases planning capability and prospects for the future in our projects." Vet-Concept doubled up on its commitment this year, with two contributions of € 20,000. In addition to its direct partnership with Welthungerhilfe, the company also sponsored the Fairplay Tour 2013 and 2014.

Water for All

This charity was started in 1984 by Atlas Copco staff in Sweden, and established as “Water for All Deutschland e. V.” at the Atlas Copco location in Essen in November 2008.

Water for All Deutschland has supported Welthungerhilfe right from the start. Various activities and company runs have raised € 180,000 of donations so far. The organisation contributed an impressive € 40,000 in 2014 alone, which was used to support a Welthungerhilfe water project in Malawi.


Weihnachtsplaner has been a partner of Welthungerhilfe since 2016, meeting customer requests for a way to donate by sending Christmas cards. A donation of 25 cents for every Christmas card is sent to support Welthungerhilfe’s work in the fight against hunger around the world.


Respondents with the market research and consultancy organisation, YouGov Germany, have been supporting various Welthungerhilfe projects for many years. It’s a simple process: YouGov members get points for completing surveys. They can trade these points in for money, which they can donate to a pre-selected Welthungerhilfe project to help a good cause. This has already raised € 45,000. YouGov members are currently supporting a project in Nairobi. The project is building a home for former street children and orphans. “It is important for us and our members to help, and to send a message. That’s why we are very glad that our members can help former street children get opportunities for the future”, says Markus Braun, Head of Marketing at YouGov.

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