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The first #ZeroHungerRun in Düsseldorf – Review

What an evening! More than 1,000 runners and walkers turned the Volkgarten into an arena for good at the #ZeroHungerRun 2023 and raised over €17,000 for Sierra Leone. We thank all participants for their tremendous commitment and the spirited atmosphere in the evening!

Mayor Klaudia Zepuntke opened the run with TV presenter and political journalist Sara Bildau with witty moderation from Stephan Unkelbach and thus gave the starting signal for the Düsseldorf debut of one of the largest charity runs.  

The main goals of the run – having fun and donating to the project – were 100% achieved – but the sporting results were also impressive: Over 5km, AmeliaPoch and Benjamin Kaufmann and Benedikt Vieten (in a joint victory) were able to enter the long record book of #ZeroHungerRunners, while Rebecca Bein and Andreas Wundersee took out the 10km race. As the fastest team, LT Uerdingen.de shined in Düsseldorf and in the relay, team Judrikolinto claimed victory. The special prize for the team with the most members went to Crossmedia GmbH with 39 participants.

Click below to see all results and download the participation certificates.

Some of the highlights of the #ZeroHungerRun Düsseldorf.

Snaps from the #ZeroHungerRun Düsseldorf 2023

More than 1,000 runners and walkers took part in the first #ZeroHungerRun in Düsseldorf © Torben Flatemersch / Welthungerhilfe
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Participants ran through the Volksgarten in Düsseldorf in perfect summer weather © Torben Flatemersch / Welthungerhilfe
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In summer temperatures, refreshing water was very welcome for the runners © Torben Flatemersch / Welthungerhilfe
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Teams could also enter in a relay © Torben Flatemersch / Welthungerhilfe
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In high spirits, the participants mastered the 5- or 10-km course © Torben Flatemersch / Welthungerhilfe
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The runners could also compete as a team © Torben Flatemersch / Welthungerhilfe
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Many helpers were on hand for the runners along the route © Torben Flatemersch / Welthungerhilfe
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Once again this year, ambitious runners have entered the long record list of #ZeroHungerRunners © Torben Flatemersch / Welthungerhilfe
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Across the Volksgarten in Düsseldorf Oberbilk led the first Düsseldorf #ZeroHungerRun © Torben Flatemersch / Welthungerhilfe
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Participants raised over €17,000 for Sierra Leone. Many thanks to all participants, helpers, supporters, sponsors and partners! © Torben Flatemersch / Welthungerhilfe
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Thanks to all participants, helpers, supporters, sponsors and partners for a successful #ZeroHungerRun 2023 in Düsseldorf!