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Finally live again! After three years of waiting, the fifth #ZeroHungerRun was back in Bonn's Rheinaue on September 25. And what can we say: We are overwhelmed by the success, which we had not expected after the difficult Covid times!

Together with 1,799 runners in the best mood, we were able to take a stand in the fight against hunger and make this #ZeroHungerRun an unforgettable event. A total of around 26,000€ was donated during the run for our project work in East Africa. We thank all participants for their tireless efforts and the great sign of solidarity!

In terms of sports, Marike Schneehagen and Jonathan Trebst were able to shine in the 5km and Caterina Schneider and Yuxiao He in the 10km loop. As the fastest Team this year SIBI (Siebengebirgsgymnasium) in 5km and GIZ (Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit) in 10km went down in the #ZeroHungerRun books. And as the best of 22 relay teams, the team with the creative name "Always do what you're afraid of" was able to prove itself in the new discipline. You can see all the results and download the participation certificates here:

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#ZeroHungerRun 2022: Das Team aus Somaliland hält Schilder in die Höhe, auf denen "Thank you #ZeroHungerRun" steht.
The team from Somaliland thanks all #ZeroHungerRun participants for their donations. © Welthungerhilfe

Especially our teams in Somaliland, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia thank you for your commitment! East Africa is currently experiencing a dramatic drought, which, together with the explosive rise in food prices, has resulted in one of the most serious hunger crises in the world. Currently, more than 20.5 million people in the region are suffering from hunger and the increasing number of malnourished children is alarming. The parched soil means they can no longer grow crops or vegetables, and even when it does rain, the water cannot be stored and the risk of flooding is high. On top of that, many animals die of thirst and starvation or hypothermia after a rainfall.

In Ethiopia, in addition to providing emergency aid (water, food, livestock), we support smallholder farmers in the long term with training in climate-adapted farming methods and with seeds. © Welthungerhilfe
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Here we have reached well over 100,000 people with emergency water transport and food. Important water sources are being restored, people are receiving unconditional cash, and malnourished children are receiving rescue food. © Petrus/Welthungerhilfe
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In Kenya, we help people to maintain their herds with supplementary feed. © Welthungerhilfe
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Here, too, we rehabilitate boreholes and wells, smallholder farmers receive seeds and cash, we help "feed up" malnourished children and support the establishment of vegetable gardens. © Brockmann/Welthungerhilfe
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On site we distribute food, drinking water as well as animal feed and cash to families in need. Depending on current needs, we distribute additional relief supplies and hygiene items, and restore water holes and water collection systems to provide access to drinking water. In addition, we provide supplementary food for pregnant and lactating women, babies and malnourished children in mobile clinics.

Many thanks to all participants, helpers, supporters, sponsors and partners for a successful #ZeroHungerRun 2022 in Bonn! See you next year in the Rheinaue! 

Sponsors And Partners

Logo: Sportpartner Laufladen Bonn

Run With Our Friends

Bonner Nikolauslauf

On December 11, starting at 1pm, the 'Nikolaus' run organised by Bonn läuft! e.V. will take place in the Rheinaue. You can run 3.4km, 6.7km or 10km. Two euros per runner will be donated to Bunter Kreis e.V. Info and registration: www.bonner-nikolauslauf.de


The traditional 'Drei-Brücken-Lauf' (Three Bridges Run) organised by TuS Pützchen 05 e.V. for the benefit of KinderKrebshilfe is scheduled for October 16th starting at 9am at Hans-Steger-Ufer in Bonn-Beuel. You can choose to run either 10, 15 or 30km. The route leads along the Rhine promenade in Beuel and Bonn, and through the Rheinaue. Info and registration: www.drei-bruecken-lauf.de