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Disaster Aid with Understanding

Fast and effective aid for people in emergencies

The first goal is survival and reestablishment of one’s livelihood. In order to ensure that emergency aid has a lasting effect, Welthungerhilfe (WHH) aims to cement the foundation for long-term development while responding to an acute catastrophe. WHH achieves this goal together with its partners in more than 70 countries.

Over the last two decades, natural disasters have increased across the world, and with them the need for providing emergency relief aid. At the same time, changing political conditions, such as increased military interventions and the deployment of German armed forces abroad, have influenced the work of the emergency aid organization.

"I'll go where I'm needed."

Welthungerhilfe provides emergency relief aid, i.e. rapid aid in an acute emergency situation, for instance after a natural disaster or following an armed conflict. The people affected are supplied with the necessities for ensuring immediate survival. Generally, this short-term aid lasts only a few months. In some countries, such as Sudan or Afghanistan, emergency aid has been provided for several years, as there is no prospect of a peaceful solution being achieved between the political actors in the long-term conflict.

The planning and implementation of emergency relief aid measures are for the most part subject to considerable time pressures and logistical challenges. In order to ensure quality and efficiency in times of catastrophe despite these challenges, WHH follows clear emergency aid guidelines. Find out more in our Orientation Frameworks concerning Emergency Aid and Conflict-Sensitive Approach in Overseas Co-operation.

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