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Kinder in einer Schule halten ihre selbstgemalten Bilder hoch


16 current projects
3.3 m. € funding in 2022
471,000 people reached in 2022

+++ A severe earthquake in north-western Nepal on the night of November 3 left at least 158 people dead and many more injured. Almost 40,000 households have been affected by the disaster. Aftershocks are to be expected. The people in the severely affected regions of Jajarkot and Rukum now urgently need clean water, food, safe shelter and medical care. Together with its Alliance2015 partner organizations, Welthungerhilfe is sending relief supplies such as mattresses, tarpaulins and water filters to the affected population. +++ Overall, Nepal has made progress in poverty reduction, but there is great inequality between different regions and population groups. Due to low usage of improved farming techniques, Nepal’s agricultural productivity is among the lowest in South Asia. Whilst the nutrition situation has generally improved, malnutrition remains a serious obstacle to the growth and development of children. Many die from diarrheal diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation every year. The situation is further deteriorated by the damages due to the strong earthquakes in 2015, the floods in 2017 and the coronavirus pandemic.

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Empowerment for marginalised people

Extreme weather and the traditional caste system cause poverty in Nepal. Welthungerhilfe educates people about their rights.

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Clean Water and New Toilets

Sixty percent of people in Nepal do not have clean drinking water - we help with the construction of water tanks and hygiene trainings.

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Publications about Nepal

Nepal: Country-Wide Analysis Of Pre-Positioned Relief Items - Executive Summary

This report presents the findings of our analysis of the current pre-positioned relief items in Nepal.

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Nepal: Country-wide analysis of pre-positioned relief items

This report was published by the ESUPS (Emergency Supply Pre-positioning Strategy) project on stock pre-positioning recommendations for Nepal, one of…

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Final Evaluation Report: Bangladesh and Nepal (NPL 1033)

Bulding community enterprises of smallholders in Bangladesh and Nepal

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