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31 current projects
5 m. € funding in 2022
1,972,000 people reached in 2022

With approximately 1.4 billion citizens, India is home to more people than all of Africa. Although the country has made progress in poverty reduction in recent years, food security is often lacking, especially in rural areas. Increasingly frequent droughts brought about by climate change are partly to blame. Another cause of hunger and poverty is the marginalisation of women, indigenous populations and members of the lower castes. They are more likely to go hungry, less likely to attend school and have poorer access to medical care.

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Selected projects

Governance Against Hunger

Along with its partners Welthungerhilfe aims to implement a transparent governance system for the least developed districts of Jharkhand.

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Treasures from the Jungle

Three in ten of the world's poor live in India. Welthungerhilfe is supporting the rural population to help themselves.

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Magazine 2023

The Welthungerhilfe Magazine 2023 in English with selected articles from the four German language issues of the past year.

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Water Report 2019

Clean water, sanitation facilities, and good hygiene are essential for survival. In numerous projects throughout the world, we ensure access for…

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Final Evaluation Report 2018: India (IND 1296-1302)

IND 1296-1302: Fight Hunger First Initiative – Upscaling Best Practices (Odisha, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh)

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