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Frau in Bäckerei in Bolivien


5 current projects*
0.6 m. € funding in 2022*
14,000 people reached in 2022*

Bolivia boasts one of South America’s strongest economic growth rates. Between 2006 and 2015, the country achieved an average growth rate of over 5%. The World Bank categorizes it as a “low middle income country.” However, the indigenous community and smallholders are hardly profiting from the boom. Foreign investors buy up more and more land, exploit natural resources and cultivate large areas with agricultural products for export. The rural population cannot contend with this kind of competition. The UN guidelines for increased fairness set by the World Food Council could give Bolivia a chance: Under international law, they regulate fair access to natural resources and address the regulation of land investment. Correctly applied, they will secure the smallholders’ right to food in the long term. (*Total value of the transnational program in Bolivia and Peru.)

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Selected projects

Strengthening Smallholders’ Land Rights

In Peru and Bolivia, more and more large companies are competing with smallholders and indigenous communities for land.

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Magazine 2023

The Welthungerhilfe Magazine 2023 in English with selected articles from the four German language issues of the past year.

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Índice Global de Hambre Bolivia - La Transformación de los Sistemas Alimentarios y su Gobernanza Local
Índice Global de Hambre Informe Bolivia

Índice Global de Hambre - La Transformación de los Sistemas Alimentarios y su Gobernanza Local

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Bolivia: 10 años de las Directrices Voluntarias sobre Gobernanza de la Tierra

Ante la alerta por deforestación, urge un nuevo pacto nacional y global sobre justicia climática y gestión sostenible de bosques. Este es un informe…

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