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Land has more than one essential function for rural development. Investments in land and land use policy must be in harmony with the right to food.

Title page of the Position Paper Rural Development – Land

This publication is a section of the WHH position paper on rural development.

Land is used in many different ways: for forestry, agriculture and grazing as well as for settlements and infrastructure. it comprises important natural habitats and mineral resources. The pressure on land has increased enormously, leading to conflicts of interest. In order to avoid conflicts and settle them peaceably, it is essential that participative, future-oriented land use planning be established under the authority of the state. In this process, land rights – including traditional rights – must be taken into account.

On the basis of proper planning, targets for different forms of land use can be formulated. in the context of rural deve- lopment, agriculture is the main issue. People’s sustainable food security and right to food must have priority. At the same time, soil fertility must be maintained or improved, natural reserves must be protected and the sealing of fertile land minimised.

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