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19.09.2019 | Press Release

"Climate Change is increasing Hunger worldwide"

Welthungerhilfe on the Climate Strike and the UN Summit Marathon in New York.

22-year-old Hajj Thomson holds a dried corn plant up.
22-year-old Hajj Thomson holds a dried corn plant up in the air near Salima, Malawi. Normally, the yield of his family's corn fields is 150 bags of 50 kilograms each. Due to droughts and floods there are only 5 bags. Such weather extremes are increasing due to climate change. © Rosenthal
Simone Pott Team Communications

Bonn / Berlin, 2019-09-08 Welthungerhilfe supports the global climate strike on Friday and demands a clear change in direction by the German government at the upcoming UN summits, to achieve the global goals for sustainable development. Heads of state and government leaders are meeting at the UN General Assembly in New York for a special climate summit and a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) summit, for the first interim analysis of progress since 2015. 

“It is already clear that without a decisive change in direction, the world community is in danger of failing to reach the sustainability goals jointly agreed for 2030. The number of people going hungry has increased this year for the third time in a row. Climate change is also radically changing the life of many poor people in the global South, and it is proving to be an additional driver of hunger. In our partner countries, we can see how extreme weather events are exacerbating hunger and malnutrition. The people suffering most are the poorest, mainly women and small-scale farming families, who did not cause climate change, and whose very existence is threatened. By 2017, 95 million people could no longer feed themselves sufficiently due to climate crises. That is why we support the demands of the Fridays for Future movement. Climate change is a question of justice. We expect the German government to send a strong signal internationally and in Germany. We need a comprehensive climate protection law and fast and effective CO2 pricing. Also, poorer countries need financial and logistical support for fighting poverty, and disaster risk reduction”, demands Mathias Mogge, Secretary General of Welthungerhilfe. 

Dried-up soil in Ethiopia. © Jens Grossmann
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Two women fetch water at a water point during the drought in the region of Lughaya, Somaliland. © Welthungerhilfe
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Drought in Somaliland: Animal carcasses around Borama. © Justfilms/ Alex Getmann
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Changed cultivation methods in Burkina Faso: through the application of the BRACED consortium (Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters), local agriculture should become more resistant to climate extremes. © Happuc/Welthungerhilfe
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In 2016, hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc in Haiti. Climate change increases the frequency and intensity of such tropical storms. © Welthungerhilfe
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Mathias Mogge is Secretary General of Welthungerhilfe. © Barbara Frommann/ Welthungerhilfe
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