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09.02.2015 | Blog

Searchers Unlimited - Welthungerhilfe's Think Tank

Three years ago Welthungerhilfe founded the think tank "Searchers Unlimited" to discuss interesting questions. Next stop: Addis Ababa

Imagine for a moment that there was no development aid. But the world would be just as it is - with around one billion people suffering from hunger. Would we need to create Welthungerhilfe or Oxfam or Action Aid, would you invent it today? And if so, how should it be? Three years ago, on the occasion of our 50th birthday, Welthungerhilfe founded the think tank “Searchers Unlimited” to discuss interesting questions on the future like:

With the think tank "Searchers Unlimited" we want to open our minds to new perspectives and invited well-known sophisticated scholars as well as lateral and creative thinkers from different fields such as culture, sports, media, and economics. Three years and four meetings later, we wanted to enter into a next phase by broadening our point of view. So we gathered on a multinational level in order to include thinkers, movers and “shakers” from different African countries. The most recent think tank meeting took take place in Addis Ababa on February 16th and 17th 2015.

February 2015: Think Tank goes Africa

Final documentation of Searchers Unlimited 2015

The aim was not so much to walk out with an activity plan, but more to gain input from renowned people from various fields of expertise. To us it is enlightening on a higher level and thus gives us food for thought on a strategic level. We asked for a critical feedback from experienced people and lateral thinkers who are not necessarily part of the aid sector. Topics of the meeting included:

Who participated?

We are happy that the following personalities took part:

Welthungerhilfe was represented by Michael Hofmann, Executive Director Marketing), Mathias Mogge (Executive Director Programmes), Abaynah Demeke, Ursula Langkamp, Manfred Bischofsberger, Katrin Seegers (Advisory Committee) and Uli Post.

The meeting was moderated by Reyhana Masters, journalist and media activist from Zimbabwe and Markos Lemma, a techie and co-founder of iceaddisinnovation hub in Addis Ababa from Ethiopia.

About the Searchers Unlimited Project

Welthungerhilfe’s mission is related not only to projects abroad but also to those within its own society. Our goal is not only to inform people about our work and ask for donations. We also want to provide orientation in a world that is growing more complex and at the same time more integrated. Development policy used to divide the world into “us” and “them.” In a new era, this division has become obsolete long time ago: We are speaking of world citizenship, an international domestic policy. Development policy relates in this way to the entire globe, not only to economically weaker countries. We all can and must develop. But how, and toward which goal? Answers to these fundamental questions require insight from the “outside,” a view from individuals who have special skills or experience in other fields or systems that, like development policy, appear to have reached their limits. From individuals who have the ability to convince and mobilize people beyond traditional pathways – individuals whose searching and flexible outlook allows new perspectives to open.

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