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14.12.2012 | Blog

Millennium Villages

The Welthungerhilfe initiative opens up new possibilities

Children standing in a circle playing.
Children also benefit from Welthungerhilfe’s actions in the Millennium Villages. © Jörg Böthling
Jeannette Weller Team Sector Strategy, Knowledge & Learning

Three continents, 15 villages, eight goals, one vision: Village inhabitants who proudly call for their right to sustainably and autonomously improve their living conditions.

Map of Welthungerhilfe's Millennium Villages

Welthungerhilfe is also taking-on this challenge. For the organisation, it became clear very early on that in order to achieve these goals, not only financial support, but also the commitment of the population, was needed. In 2006, the Millennium Villages initiative was started.

In so doing, it gives the local population a voice and a face, supports them in breaking down the Millennium Goals to a village level and makes progress measurable. The focus is on the principle of “empowering people to help themselves”; village communities identify their problems and work on possible solutions, with the support of Welthungerhilfe and partners, and then implement them autonomously in order to improve their living conditions.

The 15 Millennium Villages




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