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Code of Conduct and Complaints Mechanism

Behavioural code for Welthungerhilfe employees and coworker

Mahmoud El-Hadj Salih, employee of Welthungerhilfe in Sudan.
Mahmoud El-Hadj Salih is an employee of Welthungerhilfe in Sudan. © Welthungerhilfe
Kerstin Bandsom Team Communications

Every action, every Welthungerhilfe project is guided by the common belief in the equality of all people, the inviolability of their rights and the right of each individual to self-determination. In the spirit of solidarity and humanity, the goal of the organisation is to improve the lives of people in the countries where they can work.

File a complaint

Use our anonymous online form to report unethical behaviour or contact us at complaints@welthungerhilfe.de

The pillars of Welthungerhilfe's work are quality control, transparency and the obligation to account.

To the extent that Welthungerhilfe expects transparency and accountability from other state and international actors (such as institutional donors, national governments, etc.), Welthungerhilfe as an organisation must be made transparent and accountable in all its actions.

Cover: Code of Conduct - Prevention of Interest and Corruption Code of Conduct

This document is signed by every new employee of Welthungerhilfe.

Upon entering the organisation, all employees sign the Welthungerhilfe Code of Conduct. Every single person commits to observing the rules of conduct. All partners as well as other involved groups with which Welthungerhilfe works have to be committed to it.

The primary goal of Welthungerhilfe is to be able to guarantee adherence to the rules of conduct at all times and at every level of work. Infringements or indications are received and immediately investigated via an easily accessible, anonymised feedback mechanism.

Key points of the Code of Conduct
Last Update 27.08.2018

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