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Ruanda 2014, Feldarbeiter auf den Reisfeldern.

Projects & Programmes

A sample of our projects worldwide

Results of
Diversity and cohesion give hope

In Lebanon, locals and Syrian refugees farm together, harvesting cohesion and reducing prejudice.

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Female Empowerment: More Knowledge means More Influence

Perfect climate, perfect growing conditions. Saffron offers women in Afghanistan the chance to earn their own income.

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Education builds businesses and the future

"Mama Chips" attended training on how to start a business - today she is the owner of two successful businesses.

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Tackling the Striga weed with a biological solution.

The Toothpick Project has created a biological solution to the Striga weed infecting crops in Kenya. Learn more about the project!

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Earth’s green lung is in danger. Reforestation is intended to reverse the effects of climate change on the Caribbean.

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The Business of “Economic Revival”

In this large-scale consortium project, Welthungerhilfe supports emerging value chains by bringing together producers and distributors.

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How Fishing Families Are Defying Climate Change

Kpalleh is a fisherman on the Atlantic coast of Liberia. For him, rough weather means no fishing, and no fishing means no income.

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Afghanistan: Strategies & Goals

Afghanistan has suffered from protracted conflict for over decades and many parts of the country continue to be marked by instability.

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Fighting for Survival

The monsoon season brings additional threats for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, who already live in precarious conditions.

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Education for Women, Harvest for Everyone

With new knowledge, better seeds, and microloans, smallholders in Mali now have the chance to change an entire region.

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“Ecopreneurs” for a sustainable future

The "Green Colleges" are giving 1,500 young people in Uganda a future in sustainable professions.

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Somaliland: Strategies & Goals

Heavy droughts and political instability are the main reasons for hunger in Somaliland. What can be done against these problems locally?

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