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21 current projects
5.78 m. € funding in 2020
795,000 people reached in 2020

Ethiopia is threatened by droughts time and time again. The famine of 1984/1985, which claimed almost one million lives, is still emblematic of humanitarian disasters today. The country is regularly hit by severe droughts, and the dry seasons lead to crop failures and livestock deaths - one cause of the increasing weather extremes is climate change. Since the end of 2020, an armed conflict has been raging in the Tigray region between the Ethiopian army and the so-called People's Liberation Front (TPLF). Since then, thousands of people have been killed, and several million are dependent on humanitarian aid.

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Selected projects

A Healthy Diet for Mother and Child

In the Amhara region of Ethiopia, many children are chronically malnourished. Alemie has learned how to prevent her children from this.

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Education builds businesses and the future

"Mama Chips" attended training on how to start a business - today she is the owner of two successful businesses.

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More projects in Ethiopia

More Girls Graduating

Ethiopia | 2018 – 2023 | Budget: € 1,929,913
Institutional donors: DFID

Defying Droughts

Ethiopia | 2016 – 2022 | Budget: € 3,241,554
Institutional donors: BMZ

Pastoralists, Masters of Resilience: Adapting to Climate Change

Ethiopia | 2017 – 2022 | Budget: € 1,548,444
Institutional donors: BMZ

Dietary Abundance and Diversity

Ethiopia | 2019 – 2023 | Budget: € 1,700,000
Institutional donors: Amhara Government,BMZ

Clean Water - Accessible through Boreholes

Ethiopia | 2015 – 2023 | Budget: € 8,800,000
Institutional donors: Amhara Government

Building the Capacity of Local Organisations to Provide Humanitarian Aid

Ethiopia | 2020 – 2023 | Budget: € 1,227,973
Institutional donors: AA

Land for Life: Lobbying for Land Rights and Reforms

Ethiopia | 2020 – 2023 | Budget: € 476,711
Institutional donors: BMZ

Lobbying for Land Rights

Ethiopia | 2020 – 2023 | Budget: € 283,347
Institutional donors: GIZ

Better Security and Organisation in Refugee Camps

Ethiopia | 2021 – 2022 | Budget: € 592,320
Institutional donors: OCHA

More Knowledge Means Better Health and Greater Sustainability

Ethiopia | 2021 – 2022 | Budget: € 204,830

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Publications about Ethiopia

Documentation Think Tank Ethiopia 2015

On February 16th/17th 2015 Welthungerhilfe invited 19 scholars as well as lateral and creative thinkers for a think tank meeting in Addis Ababa,...

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