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20 current projects
8.3 m. € funding in 2016
1,100,000 people reached in 2016

Ethiopia is threatened by droughts time and time again. The famine of 1984/1985, which claimed almost one million lives, is still emblematic of humanitarian disasters today. The country is struck by droughts on a regular basis, leading to crop failures and livestock deaths. One cause of the increasingly extreme weather is climate change. The government of Ethiopia is already doing a lot to improve its citizens’ situation, but it cannot meet the enormous challenge alone.

Selected projects

Ethiopia: Strategies & Goals

Welthungerhilfe's goal in Ethiopia is to fight hunger and malnutrition through advocacy and support for vulnerable people.

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Support for Residents of Dry Areas

Water and Medical Aid During Droughts in Ethiopia.

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News from Ethiopia

Rank in Global Hunger Index
#104 of 119 countries
GHI value 2017 for Ethiopia
extremely alarming> 50 low< 9.9

Global Hunger Index (GHI) of Welthungerhilfe and partner calculates the nutritional situation of a country once a year. The lower the GHI value, the better the rank and the better the situation.

More about Global Hunger Index
60 million population (2017)
na child mortality (2017)
na of the population is undernourished.
Global Hunger Index
- Score (40.2 in 2008)
- 1992
56.0 2000
40.2 2008
32.3 2017

Publikationen & Material zu Ethiopia

Documentation Think Tank Ethiopia 2015

On February 16th/17th 2015 Welthungerhilfe invited 19 scholars as well as lateral and creative thinkers for a think tank meeting in Addis Ababa,...

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