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More Evaluations in German

Find here additional evaluations of Welthungerhilfe's work, projects and programms in German.

Meta-Evaluation 2017

Welthungerhilfe assessed it’s evaluation practices by looking at project evaluations carried out in 2016.

2017 evaluation syr1022 syria en
Final Evaluation: Syria and Turkey (2016)

SYR 1022: Central evaluation of the project 'Food and winter support for vulnerable war affected population in Northern Syria and Turkey’ with...

2016 evaluation ken1098 kenya en
Final Evaluation Report 2016: Kenya

Evaluation of Welthungerhilfe's project to promote and strengthen enterprises and market systems in Kenya (KEN 109). 

2016 evaluation final nepal en
Final Evaluation Report 2016: Nepal

This report aims to assess Welthungerhilfe's Earthquake Emergency Response project 2015 in Nepal (NPL 1025 -1028). 

2016 evaluation madagascar en
Mid-Term Evaluation Report 2016: Madagascar

This evaluation is limited to the urban part of the PASSAT project that has the objective to realise a working waste management system in Tuléar. The...

2016 evaluation mozambique en
Final Evaluation 2016: Mozambique

Evaluation of the DIPECHO IV “Enhancement of disaster resilience in Nampula and Zambezia” Project in Mozambique. (MOZ 1079)

2016 evaluation sle1033 sierra leone
Final Evaluation: Sierra Leone (2016)

Disaster preparedness and reactivation of agricultural production and trade in Ebola-affected Districts of Southern and Eastern Sierra Leone (DiPAT)...

2016 evaluation sle1033 sierra leone
Mid-Term Evaluation: Sierra Leone (2016)

Support to the Waste Management Sector of Bo City (SLE 1022)

2015 evaluation liberia en
Decentral Evaluation: Liberia (2015)

Summary and recommendation of the Evaluation of Welthungerhilfe Liberia Agriculture / Nutrition Projects and Programs on behalf of Welthungerhilfe. 

2015 evaluation liberia2 en
Final Evaluation Report 2015: Sierra Leone and Liberia

The "Mitigating Dangers of Localized Food Insecurity  in (Sierra Leone and) Liberia" project aimed on enhancing food security and nutrition in and...

2015 evaluation sle1018 sierra leone en
Mid-Term Evaluation Report 2015: Sierra Leone

Mid-term Evaluation Report of the Cocoa Development Project in Sierra Leone.

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