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Global Hunger Index 2018

The 2018 Global Hunger Index (GHI) shows long-term progress in reducing hunger in the world and focusses on forced migration and hunger.


The results of the 2018 Global Hunger Index show, that in many countries and in terms of the global average, hunger and undernutrition have
declined since 2000. At the same time, while progress has been robust in some parts of the world, in other parts hunger and undernutrition persist or have even worsened. Approximately 124 million people suffer acute hunger, a striking increase from 80 million two years ago. In too many areas, growing numbers of people are still suffering the indignity of hunger and the insecurity of forced displacement.

Hunger is a political problem

Hunger is a persistent danger that threatens the lives of large numbers of forcibly displaced people and influences their decisions about when and where to move. An analysis of the interplay between hunger and forced migration reveals, that common misperceptions continue to influence policy despite considerable evidence showing that they are not productive.

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